The Winged Man

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This happened back when I was still in High School, I was maybe 14 to 16. I live in a small town in Eastern PA, My town is not a well known one, most people who hear it’s name ask where it is.

But It is fairly popular with those who hunt for ghosts, spirits, monsters and the like, and this is only one of my experiences in my strange town.

I was alone when this happened, having gotten permission from my parents to go for a walk in the evening, given it was a small town, I was normally allowed to walk around late at night, as long as I was home by 1am, One of those nights though, My thoughts on strange creatures changed.

I normally am not skeptical about things that happen here given I have heard many different stories, and experienced ghosts in various places of the town, this however was not a ghost. My town has three bridges, two for cars, and one for foot traffic.

I had decided around 11:30pm to go across this walking bridge, and over onto the dark trails across it, it was known this trail had ghost sightings and even a few sightings of UFO’s In the middle of the trails however, is an old abandoned house’s foundation, rumors abound on it, that it was a house used by satanists, and I believed it, after all going over there and checking it out myself there were pentagrams, and various other things on it.

But that isn’t the point, While I was walking through the trails, heading to the one paved section of the trails where cars could come if you wanted to go fishing, I heard a sound, It sounded like footsteps, though they were much heavier than I normally would hear, I stopped and listened, hearing the foot steps stop and heard heavier breathing as well as the feeling I was being watched. I pulled out my cellphone and small pocket knife. Listening to the sounds I made a phone call to my one friend who was a cop, Yeah I know it sounds weird, a young man being friends with a cop, but he was a good guy and helped everyone he could.

I told him that I was being followed, and he stayed on the phone with me as I walked, hearing the breathing getting heavier, when out of the corner of my eye I seen it. Something large, at least 8 feet tall, leaping from the trees across the road and into the trees on the other side, I took off running at that point in time.

When I reached the end of the road I saw my cop friend pulling up in his cruiser, I told him that something was back there, and he told me to head to the main road and start heading to the bridge to head back home.

As I walked I seen it again, from the road, it was massive, and looked like it was furry, Large huge wings on its back and burning red eyes. I freaked out telling myself it was just my imagination, cause I also seen my friends spot line shining through the woods looking for things. As I continued to walk I soon heard this blood chilling screech, something that sounded almost like a demon. As I froze in place again, I heard the tires squeal on the cruiser and soon seen the cruiser driving towards me at high speed, Soon stopping right beside me, My friend was bone white in fear, Telling me to get in and quickly, he would drive me back to my house.

I didn’t argue and got into the vehicle, seeing the thing again following us as he sped away, I asked him. “What did you see? What’s wrong?”

He was panting softly before he grabbing his necklace which was a simple silver cross. He answered me in a quiet voice. “Something inhuman…It jumped into the road, And I seen it clearly. It was huge, red eyes, and large wings, with two horns on it’s head, it screeched at me and ran into the woods again. ”

My blood chilled at those words, as he kept looking back to see if it was following us before I asked him. “Why did you stop for me?” He simply answered. “It wanted you, You were going to be it’s mean, that thing….was a hunter, Something that I seen once before as a child. It hunts those who are alone, and you were going to die if I didn’t stop…” At that I swore from then on, if I was going into those trails, it was not going to be alone.

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