The Window Stalker

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When I was little I always loved the gorgeous scenery of my grandma’s house. Going to her house was the one chance I got to escape my neighborhood.

I loved the large pine trees and beautiful oaks, but looks can be deceiving. After dark is when things take a sinister turn. Just some background information,my grandma lives in a house that is surrounded by thick forest.

I found this weird considering my grandma grew up in florida.

The first event happened to my grandma and it still gives me chills to this day. It was around 1:00 am and my grandma’s parents were asleep. My grandma’s cousin was staying over for a few days.It was late so they just sat around and watched TV. My grandma’s cousin was starting to does of when they heard a noise, scream and yelp all together. It sounded like satan himself was crying out in pain.

“Did you hear that “she said.

Her cousin was now wide awake,they stared at the window forever but as quickly as the noise had come it went away. They didn’t get any sleep that night.

The next event happend the following night.My grandma was getting ready for bed with her she walked to her room her cousin was standing there with here mouth open.

My grandma walked in and screamed. Standing at the window was a skull face looking at them from the window it looked like a deseased deer but its eyes were to white to be a deer,not to mention it was shows sharp rows of jagged teeth. Her screamed as well.

It quickly moved away from the window. Her dad went outside to find it.five minutes later he was very clear something had frightened him.she later found out that when her dad went out e found hair and rotting flesh on the side of the wall.

I believe what she saw was a wendigo. Watch out,one could be stalking you right now.

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