The Wendigo that Lurks

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This happened when I was 20, I was moving out of my parents house to move into a farm. When I got to the farm, I began setting all of my stuff down. I cleaned up the dirty farmhouse and found some stuff that belonged to the people who used to live here.

Three weeks after settling into the new place, I began hearing random noises at midnight and it kept me up. When I always heard these sounds they annoyed me so I got out my rifle and flashlight. I tried to find out what the noise is but I end up finding scratches around the farmhouse and the trash can on the ground with trash everywhere. I also though it was raccoons.

One day, at midnight I heard the noises again and I busted out my rifle and flashlight, I went around the farmhouse and found nothing, I then looked into the forest and saw some shadow running into it. I ran after it also, thinking that I would finally catch the trouble maker. When I got into the forests I found nothing. I only heard the rustling of leaves and the sounds of animals. I then heard a strange roar from nearby.

My dumb-ass self went to go check it out and I ran toward the sound. When I finally heard the sound, I hid behind a tree, pointing my rifle at the shadow, I finally realized what it was, it wasn’t an animals. Instead it was a lanky, tall beast. With a deer skull as a head and huge antlers. It had long arms and legs and claws. It was pale and had some flesh missing.

I could see it eating a dead bear. I then react by shooting the thing in it’s back, almost hitting it’s neck. It reacted by screaming and throwing skin and guts everywhere. I reloaded and took another shot and another. The beast would scream and scream. It began sniffing. I reloaded once again and shot. The bullet would miss, almost hitting in it’s head.

The beast would run to where the noise is, I reloaded as fast as I can and I would aim. I then would shoot in it’s leg, making it unable to walk normally. It would limp away, whimpering. I would sweat asking myself “What in the bloody hell was that thing?”. I then ran out the forest as fast as I could, not even bothering to mess with that thing.

The next day, I told my friend about the beast and what it looked like. My friend would say “Ever heard of the legend of the Wendigo?”, I replied with “What’s a Wendigo?”. My friend said “It’s a beast that lives in a forest that eats human flesh.”. I then gulped and said, “I gotta go.”. I went back to my home, wondering if the beast I encountered really was the so called “Wendigo.”. But ever since that day, I encountered it or something like it again.

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