The Wendigo of The Pitch Black

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This was a horrific moment for me, even till this day. I was 17 when summer break came to me. I also hated school and was one of the worst students in my class, or that’s what my teachers say. I was in my living room, looking at my phone, ready for a camping trip my friends have been planning on for months. I had gotten permission from my parents, so after a little while of waiting, my friends picked me up.

We began driving off as I was on my phone, we had a few stops till we reached the forest. It would be night time, as I looked around, not having a care in the world, but to be honest, I had a shiver run down my spine a few times every time I looked into the pitch black darkness of the woods.

Me and my friends helped fix the tent and got everything from the car. We decided to make a camp fire and talked for a while, singing lots of fun songs. I always looked back into the forest, as my friends keep asking me, “Why do you keep looking into the woods?” I would respond, “Oh, I’m just curious.” I would be lying, I knew something was in there.

A few minutes passed as we got rid of the fire and walked back into our tents. My friends would be fast asleep as I would be the only one awake, reading a book. Moments would pass as I heard a branch snap, at first I called out, “Come on! We’re supposed to be asleep!” but no response.

When I waited for a response, nothing came. So I decided to take my flashlight, and walk out the tent. I looked around for a moment and shrugged it off like it was nothing. I would walk over to a tree and took a piss. When I was done, I looked into the woods, only to find a pair of glowing eyes looking back at me. A hand reaching out, with law furious claws, ready to get a hold of me. I would be shaking with fear, unable to move for seconds.

I then screamed at the top of my lungs, using every breath I can use to wake up the others. The others woke up, grabbing their flash lights. The beast looked at me with it’s glowing eyes before dashing off, as I could see a little antler sticking out. I would be shivering as I began bursting with tears. The others came to comfort me as they began packing up.

We put the equipment and tents in the car and began driving as I would be in the back, crying. I looked back as my friends faced forward, seeing a black figure with antlers and the same glowing eyes peering back at me. I would look away as he drove off into the night, the figure running back into the forest.

After I came home, I would just lay down in bed, still scarred from the beast or thing that almost killed me that night. I wouldn’t talk about it, even to my friends that were asleep on that night. People began questioning me but I gave them no answers or just vague ones. All I know is that I don’t wanna go back to the woods and I never will.

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