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I switched P.E classes I dont know why.I had other friends in that class and that day we had to play tennis. I was playing tennis with a friend and a girl comes next to me and plays tennis with us. She asks for my instagram and I give it to her.

At first I thought she was a boy.

My instagram was private so she would have to request to follow me. Later on that day i accepted her request and a few minutes later she texts me and asks “do you wanna go out with me”.

I said no. She texted back saying “-what are you doing want me to send u nudes”. I was getting creeped out cause i didnt really know her like that.

2 mins later she sent a pic of her private parts and I was disgusted. I added 2 of my friend’s in the chat and she was acting way more weirder than before.

She asks my 2 friend’s if she can go out with them at the same time.

We were all shocked.We blocked her account and the next day in P.E we had to run around the school. I was walking by myself. She was jogging towards me sounded like she was exhausted.

By the way she is short and chubby and slow. Im tall and skinny but im fast as hell.she caught up to me and whispered my name i turned around and she was about to grab my shoulder.

I hauled ass l got away from her and i turned around again and she’s staring at me making a creepy smile.

After i got home that day i check my phone. She had another instagram acc and she texted me and says “why did you block me”. I blocked her again and i looked up her name on instagram. I couldnt believe this. She had 21 instagram accs.

I clicked on one and it was public. She had a picture of her private parts and a lot of people at school saw it. 1year later she doesnt talk to me anymore but she stares at me and a few of my friends a lot.

But one more creepy thing happened i was in my 8th period. My teacher was outside the classroom. It was me my friend and few other people in the class. She walks in and stops.

She looks at us we look back. The most disgusting thing happened.

She puts her hands in her pants and she started playing with herself.we turned the other way and sat in our seats. I told my friend what is wrong with her. He says I dont know but she needs help. She hasn’t done anything but stare now.

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