The Voices and Knocking

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By Jay

I have been enduring much of the same for relatively all of my life, but you know, up until a few years ago, everything has been average. My house never had a grizzly murder, nor has a creep ever tried to force me into their car, however, I have found that despite this, the paranormal experiences I have had are worth noting.

I was born in the middle-eastern portion of the state of Connecticut, my hometown is nothing out of the ordinary, a fairly large, sprawled out town with lots of people with any background imaginable. In regards to my encounters, the state and city is irrelevant, just know that my home, and my family has no experience whatsoever with spirits or with any aspect of what the paranormal is, even I am just beginning to delve into it. On to the encounters, there are two of them in particular that I wish to focus on, the first occurred several months prior to my writing of this, the second, well lets just say that was what pushed me to do this…

During my sister’s sixth or so month of pregnancy back in January of this year, she and I had encounters that I still find difficult to describe. She and I have always been tuned into many of the same phenomenon, we generally feel much of what the other does, so when she was home alone whilst her boyfriend was out to work. She got a feeling, she said it was like eyes all around her were surrounding her, and she wanted me to go to her home to comfort her for a while. So I complied and quickly walked to her house where she and I waited in her living room, for her boyfriend to return. During the entire time she and I both felt the exact same feeling with the eyes surrounding us and gazing at us and while we sit waiting in her open living room we heard a loud, resounding, crash.

I immediately ran into the kitchen to find a ceramic mug that was resting on the table crashed against the wall that was about five feet away. As soon as I saw the mug I took my sister and we got out of the house, waiting for her boyfriend, shaking in each other’s arms. There hasn’t been any more paranormal activity since, but with the baby coming, something might happen again.

Now, on to the what made me want to post this, as background; I am a six foot two inches tall, white man, with a stocky build. Well, after doing several jobs today for my parents because of their needing help to prepare for my sister’s baby shower, I felt a migraine coming on, so they sent me off to a bedroom to rest a while. During the time that I am in the room I keep hearing knocking and heavy breathing, as though they are happening far away, but at the same time right in my ears. After almost an hour of enduring this I head back to start helping again, however, the work is completed, so before I head for my own home, I decided to sit down and watch some T.V. with my little brother.

Everything is normal, we are just laughing and talking and watching the show, until my parents call for him to head to bed and tell me to shut down the rooms downstairs (as in lock all the doors and windows). Agreeing to this was one of the worst mistakes I have ever made, as I am walking around the kitchen locking up, I hear several scratching noises and banging all around on the windows, I quickly dash to the light and go to turn it off so I could get the hell out from there. There is just one problem though, when I reach up to touch the switch I feel a tingling in my hand, and a voice screams in my head, “DON”T TOUCH THAT!!” I quickly pulled my hand away and as soon as I do there is a heavy and loud thump on the front door.

I keep trying and trying to turn out the light, to find the same result every time, screaming followed by banging on the doors and windows. I eventually find myself curled onto the floor near to crying from the incessant screaming, finally I call my mother, to which she has my brother come down to help my. So with my brother by me I go to reach for the switch again, but I hear the same noises once again, louder than ever before, my brother shows no reaction to them, implying I was the only one who could hear them. So I decided that if that was the case, then I would just deal with it and the consequences, I thrust my hand at the switch and pull it, shutting the light, bathing me in darkness. In the instant the light goes out, the voices scream at the top of their lungs at me, cursing me for it as I hear banging and shattering glass all around, but the strangest part is, I don’t see any of it, everything is normal for some reason.

I quickly wrap the rest of my shutting down of the house and head off to home, with the voices and the noises not resting even once for the whole time, until I found myself in my room, telling all of this

I don’t know how crazy this makes me sound, and I know it is crazy, “Voices in his head, yeah right, fucking schizo.” But, I swear, from the bottom of my heart, and on all of the truth I can stake in this sentence, I swear that this is true, and that I actually felt like something was following me, ready to pounce.

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