The unknown number

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I live in a small town in Canada, this took place in the summer of 2016. I live in a valley, we have houses in the valley and houses ontop of the valley. So I went to hang out with friends. 4 of us (including me)

My friend kept getting texts from an unknown number threating they’d beat her up. So we all went up to my other friends house. She made sure every door was locked.

One of the texts read — “lock the doors, and hide or your face will be beat in.” So we were flipping shit, and basically all crying.

We tried to figure who this person was, but we never found out (still to this day.) We all calmed down, but it was 4 AM and we were scared shitless. So when we finally fell asleep — it was for what felt like 6 minutes. A pounding on the door woke us all up.

We were all freaked out, we thought we knew who it was — the unknown number. So of course everyone just shut up, and waited it out. That was when she got a text AGAIN.

What happens next haunts me for life, and I can never get it out of my brain.

“hey you awake? i know who you’re with.” And they started listing our names. We all were horrified. The friend who let us stay over brother got out of his room, and walked into ours. He asked what the knocking was. We told him NOT do awnser it. So he went back to his room. That still confuses me to this day — why did he wake up, and check on us.

She kept getting text messages from the number.

The last message was the one that made one of our friends almost break out into a sobbing fest.

“goodnight girls.” And it sent a pic of us, and our friends brother talking with us. My heart dropped. We all said we would call the cops, but we never really did. We never turned this into the police, because our parents didn’t want us to go to the cops.

When ever a private number phones me to this day I always think its that person. I’m still traumatized. It never really did go away.

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