The Tunnel

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I was eighteen when I first visited Europe,I was so excited to see everything, the statues, the people,the tunnels but all that changed after this.

I told my parents that I was going exploring since I was thinking about to move here.They said fine and I was on my way but I hesitated a bit but I didn’t know why at the time.I then decided it was nothing and hopped in my car and drove to the farthest abandoned tunnel on my map because it seemed like it would have been fun at the time (how stupid was I?).

It was about a 30m drive there from the place I was staying at. I got out to see a cute yet sketchy man he tells me “hi” and asks if i’m going into that tunnel I then tell him my whole plan. He nods his head ,He tells me good bye and leaves very quickly. I found this odd but I wasn’t going to let that bother me, I finally enter the tunnel I was surprised how dark it was in there I could barely see anything. I start walking down the tunnel but then I here something snap and a voice that said “ouch” I didn’t think much of it until

I remembered that I should be alone because the tunnel is abandoned that ABSOLUTELY NOBODY SHOULD BE IN HERE I turn around to see that handsome stranger again I’m a bit relieve but surprised,I asked what he was doing here,he didn’t answer I asked if he was ok,didn’t answer then I noticed that he was staring at my breast, I scolded him and the slapped him he grabs my arms  and starts kissing my neck.I didn’t know what to do so I bite him and he kind of backed off for a few seconds, I bolted to the exit screaming but I was miles away from the city.

I reached my car and started it but the man started banging on my window then looked around for something to smash my window but I was gone before he picked up a large stick.

I called the police and told them everything but they never found him. He is still out there





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