The Tower in the woods

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I already sent this story on your site but when I wrote it I was in a rush and I got some things wrong in that story. I said it was during the summer but it was in October. I know this because when I ask my mom if see remembered telling her this story and then I remembered what see told me the first time I told her the story. You will see what she told me in this remastered version of my story.

I live in a small rural town in Quebec Canada. In front of my house there is a small forest with a some really nice trails and I would take my dog Sokkia for a walk.

I would usually take a trail that would go up to a farm and walk it back and forth. One day I discovered an other trail that would bring me back to the end of my normal trail like some sort of loop and in that new trail I saw a really cool hand made tower probably made by some teenagers. It had two floors and it was decorated with some road sings witch made it look even nicer.

One day in October of 2017 I took my 7 years old brother out with me for a walk with the dog in the woods because my mother wanted him to go outside instead of staying inside playing with his tablet. So we got out in the woods and I decided to show him the tower because I was sure he would like it same as I did.

Once we arrived to it the whole forest went silent I did not noticed it at first because I was focused on my brother’s reaction. He was amazed by it. After a few steps in the towers direction I noticed the silence and started to get the feeling of dread building up inside of me.I hated that feeling and wanted to just leave. Not to sound scared I told my brother that it was time to leave because of the scrape that was surrounding the tower and that I did not want the dog to get hurt on them.

As we were leaving the place I started to hear some music coming from the tower. It sounded like the music from a music box. I really got scared when my brother ask me what was the music .

Because that meant that I wasn’t hearing things.

Not to scare him and show to who ever or what ever was playing the music I told him that it was just my phone playing some music because I probably pressed accidentally on a button. I was speed walking a little because that music meant we were not alone in those woods and that who ever was there wanted to scare us and it was working.

When we got on my usual trail to go back home my dog stopped dead in its tracks and stared in the woods and it was on the side where the tower is supposed to be.

I called out to her and told her to keep going and then I heard it the sound of foot steps and branches cracking. I got even more scared and pressed on even faster telling my brother that we where going to race back home just for fun. I decided to let him win because I wanted to keep an eye on him.

As I we were running I started to look around to try to find that person or thing that was chasing us and found nothing even when I was looking in the general direction of the sounds. My dog was following us but she would stop some times to look in to the woods where the sounds were coming from.

As we exit the woods I heard clear as day a low laughter of a man coming from the trees but I saw nothing.

When I told my mother what happened in those woods she told me that some one probably played a prank on us and that the music was probably just a sensor that we triggered while leaving the tower since the stores where selling them for Halloween since it was coming in a week or two. But I know what heard in those woods. I still go in those woods with my dogs but I only take my old trail

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