The Thing In The Woods

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So this happened a couple of years ago when I lived in the middle of the woods in an old house. Everything was fine for a couple of years until one night my dog Bonnie started barking at the window. At first I thought nothing of it until she started growling and barking aggressively then I got a little frightened. Then after,  maybe 30-40 minutes, I looked out the window.

What I saw terrified me.  There was a little girl in a white shirt with long black hair and glowing yellow eyes.

I went down stairs to lock the doors but when I went to lock the back door I saw the little girl standing at the window. I stand still looking at her for what felt like an hour but it was really just a couple of seconds. She begins to open the door and I notice there is something wrong with her face, it was inhuman. She had dull yellow eyes and long arms and long finger nails and then my dog attacked her.

Now my dog was a 5 year old pit bull so she was very powerful. The girl fell outside so I ran and locked the door. When I looked back out the window I saw a tall figure with skinny arms and legs with huge scratch’s and bites running into the woods.

For the next 2 weeks I have been hearing howls, screams and screeches from the woods. After seeing a wolf with no tail that was walking like a man, not on all fours. I looked it up and I learned  that what I saw was indeed a skin-walker. This was by far the most terrifying thing I have ever seen and I have seen many things.


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