The thing in the woods

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The story you are about to listen to sounds like something from a really bad horror movie but I can assure you it’s true.

Around 10 years ago my dad, my puppy German Shepard “diamond”, and me lived in 25 Acer’s of woods in between the Georgia and Tennessee border. In our little cabin we had there was lots of paranormal activity but this is the most memorable and terrifying event.

In March of 2007 we were in the middle of a bad storm. Me and Diamond were watching an episode of “The Dukes Of Hazzard” and then the power went out. I of course being a 14 year old got a little creeped out.

I grabbed my Mag Light and started walking towards my dad’s room and then I heard someone at the door so me being and idiot teen went to open the door to say high. Then my dad ran out of his room and yelled “don’t open the door!” So I stopped in my tracks and asked what’s up and what he said still shakes me today.

He told me that the figure in the window wasn’t human or any animal he had ever seen. We then sat in the living room with a lantern and a few flashlights too look around the house. Then the door burst open and we both probably had shit city in our pants.

We then grabbed everything we could and ran to my dad’s room and my dog followed.

My dad locked the door and grabbed our shotgun and I asked if we should call the neighbors or 911 but then he reminded me that our nearest neighbor was 10 miles away and the police would take probably 45 Minutes and by then we would already be dead. Diamond stood behind the door growling and waiting for whatever was at the door to come in so she could attack.

The thing kept hammering at the door for 5 minutes till the door gave way. My dad kept his cool and filled the thing with 5 shells of 12 gauge buckshot and then after it was down he started hammering it’s head in with the butt of the gun, not even looking at it to see what it was, he just kept hammering. When he finally stopped there was no more head to be seen other than so red mud like liquid flowing into the floor.

When I got a look at it I think time stopped for a while, it had goat arms and they looked like the hoofs were sharp enough to cut a cow in half. The legs looked like really muscular deer legs and there were horns on the ground where the head originally was. The chest was that of something you would see in a Jason movie and it didn’t look like any animal I’ve seen ever and my dad was just as confused and scared as I was.

We called the police And they came and questioned us and then sent us to my grandmother’s house and they searched around and only found that Thing in my dad’s room.

We moved a month later to another area that’s surrounded by woods and not much happened there except a few ghost sightings and a few skinwalkers but other than that nothing as scary as that day on March 2007.

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