The Thing in The Woods

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For a little insight  I am currently a 20 year old male and this happened back when I was 14 years old. To be completely honest I always believed that some things are out there that we can simply just not explain.

This all happened on a nice summer day in Florida, I was going over my friend Chris’s house to spend the day with him. In his backyard he has a little patch of woods about 30 yards or so away from his back door which so happened to be a sliding glass door. I walked through that door ever since his family started piling things near the front door  for some reason. As I walked in I saw Chris playing video games in the living room as usual. I said “hey Chris where’s your parents?” his response was “At work” but something didn’t sound right in his voice. He was usually the happy go lucky type of guy. I asked what was wrong and what he said caught me off guard. He said “something is living in those woods that isn’t normal.” You can imagine what it is like hearing that as a 14 year old. Not the best thing that could of been said.

I casually said okay as I tried to play it off as it didn’t bother me but it really shook me. I asked Chris what he meant. This is what I remember him saying that stuck with me. “it comes at night only. Only when the moon is the biggest in the sky” now if that isn’t the most ironic and just cliché thing then I don’t know what would be. It so happened to also be last night as well he explained shortly after. Chris later followed up all of this and asked me if I wanted to stay the night. I really didn’t want to but I felt like he needed me there for him to calm him down so I sadly agreed and I really wish I didn’t.

The day rolled on and flew by. Before I realized it, the sun was already setting and night was upon us. Not going to lie to you all I was nervous cause the way he said it only comes at night hit me. So as the sun went away and the moon was full. We still sat in the living room playing call of duty until about 8pm. When out of literally nowhere I felt eyes on me. Like a giant brick wall hit me with this emotion all at once. I looked out into the woods and of course couldn’t see anything.

I asked Chris if he feels off or being watched. He agrees he feels the same. So immediately after that we both bolted into his room. Mind you his dad doesn’t get home until 11:30pm. Minutes roll by and we both decide we should go back out there. As we walk out his bedroom door something in me said don’t go back out but I didn’t listen cause I wanted to be the badass 14 year old who isn’t afraid of anything. We get into his living room. Chris at this point is in near tears. I asked if he still felt like he was being watched and he said yes. We both figured its coming from the woods.

I asked Chris if he had any source of light to shine out the woods. He ran into his parents room and grabbed a flashlight. We both stepped outside with this feeling still upon us. I snatched the flashlight and walked about 20 yards out and scanned the tree line of the woods, I must of scanned about 85% of the tree line when the light struck these two what I thought for a second was yellow headlights, peering behind a tree about 3 to 4 feet off the ground. I thought it  didn’t make sense. I stayed on it. Not moving, half cause I was curios and half I couldn’t move cause I was terrified. I can tell you I felt like it was only me and whatever was making these “headlights” appear. I was frozen. Then I snapped. Cause I saw these headlights come out to be eyes. I watched them gain about another 3 to 4 feet in height.

Chris screamed and I heard him run back inside. A moment past and I saw its claw grip a tree that was in front of the tree it was hiding behind. This claw I swear could have gripped a full sized dog with no issue.

Once I saw that I booked it into his house and slid the door close and locked it. Knowing full well a piece of glass isn’t going to stop this thing. I screamed for chris to hide and he already did so. I hid behind the couch that was about 6 or so feet away from the sliding door praying this thing wouldn’t come up to the house. I heard this crunching sound coming from outside the glass door. I wanted to pop my head up and try to see what it was but in all honesty I didn’t have the balls to. I heard panting and a weird type of snorting. Like if you were trying to smell something too hard. It had to of been at least 9pm at this point. I heard some more of those sounds, then I whispered to chris hoping he was close by to where he could hear me. I faintly heard “yeah” I asked what was it and he said he doesn’t know but it has to be at least 7 feet tall. Im guessing that he had some view of the creature to get a assumption like that. I heard a loud bang then a growl coming from the right of the screen door. My instinct was to hop up and see what it was.

I turned on the flashlight again and put my hand over the light. Gathering enough courage to pop up. When I did and swung the light towards the door. I saw nothing, Absolutely nothing. Then just like in the horror movies this thing walked into view. I saw and only for a moment that felt like years. Thick brown fur, long what seemed to be black claws and a snout. With those same yellow eyes. It had to be a damn werewolf.. Thinking its over and it will kill me cause it saw me. What struck me the most was the eyes. When we locked eyes I felt lifeless. I felt nothing but pure predatory instinct. I was a sitting duck. Then from outside I heard two pops and a grunt and some sort of cry from what im guessing was this beast. Chris’s dad had a concealed carry permit. Which for those who don’t know what this is, he can carry a pistol with him  as long as he keeps it hidden and out of sight. Chris’s dad ran into the house after I’m assuming    the  creature ran off. Chris leaped into his dads arms and starting sobbing. Begging to make sure it didn’t come back again. His Father said no one is sleeping in the living room tonight and that we would all sleep in his room. I was never so happy. Needless to say no one slept that night. I never went back to Chris’s house after that and we eventually had a falling out cause of this night. Im sure to most if not all of you want to say this is made up or exaggerated but this is what happened. Hell, I would even call BS on my post. We aren’t alone. These woods aren’t empty. There are things I can’t explain nor can science. Thank you for reading my experience.



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