The Thing in the Flat

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By Veronica

I live in a small village just on the outside of Stirling, Scotland. When I was around the age of six I lived in a flat on the main road of the village.

This flat is the oldest one in the village and if you live there then you probably know what flat I’m talking about and who I am. Anyway, I had been watching The Land Before Time movie when I went to bed one night, I should probably state that my bed frame was made of metal and would take two adults to move. As I was watching the movie the bed which was pushed against the wall started to move away from the wall. Me being the scared six year old I was of course yelled for my mum and tripped over myself trying to get out of the moving bed, it didn’t stop moving until my mum and her friend got to the top step of the stairs as the living room and kitchen were down a set of stairs. Now I don’t remember what happened after this so my mum had to tell me, she told me that once she got to the room she could only state at the bed which was in the middle of the room, it took her and her friend to move it back to the wall. When they went downstairs all she could do was all my granpa who is a psychic.

When my granpa came to the house he and my Nana did a reading on it. What they say they found out was that before the main street was built there had been a large house where the shops now stand. A Nanny worked for the family who owned the house, they told my mum that the Nanny hadn’t been born blind but became blind in her later years.

I still don’t know what it was that moved my bed but after what had happened there me and my mum moved in with my gran, so to whatever it was that moved my bed, if it be the nanny or something else, let’s not meet again.

(The picture below is the front door of the flat, the kitchen is the first thing you see and if you turn right there is the bathroom, if you go left you down the small hall you come to a small staircase go up the stairs and you’ll come to a landing. There is more stairs to your left and a door ahead of you, if you open the door you go down a few stairs and there is the living room. Go up the stairs you’ll find the two bedrooms, the one on the left was mine and the one on the left was my mum’s.)

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