The Thing in DeBary Swamp

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I’m a 15 year old guy, and I live in a remote part of Florida, Back when I was 13, I would always go hiking into the woods with my friends.

To Start this off, My name is Blake and the other person who witnessed this alongside me is Liam. We used to go hiking together into the woods on weekends to wind down and relax, or just to have air-soft wars in the drier parts of the woods.

So after a long day of fishing, we were unpacking our gear, as the sun was beginning to set. When Liam noticed something strange with the tackle box we had brought along with us. “Hey Blake, Come Check this out..” I came over, a little annoyed as I was still setting up the tent and it was a pain in the ass to pitch. “What is it -” I stopped as I now saw the long scratch-marks that were engraved in the top and side part of the now mangled tackle box. “What the hell happened here?” I asked still examining the scratches, still trying to figure out what animal had tried to get into our box. “I don’t know, but it was like this when we had come back to set up our tent.” I was now a little on edge, thinking that there could now be a bear in the area.

“Keep your knife close by when you go to sleep tonight.” I said, clutching my pocket knife I had brought along.

We then made the fire and started talking, after a little while, the thoughts of earlier had drifted to the back of my mind, until we both heard what sounded like the footsteps of an animal coming from the underbrush, we both looked over at the source of the noise, thinking about what it could be.

Those footsteps were to loud to be anything like a raccoon or a squirrel. So we had our knives out, just in case it was a predator stalking us, but what emerged from the underbrush, still haunts me to this day…

A tall, thin, and pale looking creature made itself known to us, it had claws that were bigger than any that I had ever seen. It didn’t have eyes, only dark pits of where the eyes should’ve been, but I knew it was staring at us.

It then made this ear-piercing shriek and started charging at us.

I then did the only logical thing I thought to do and threw the tackle box at it in a quick attempt to distract it, as soon as the box hit the creature, Liam and I made a mad dash towards the bathroom building that was in the camping area, and we locked ourselves in there. We didn’t get an ounce of sleep that night, still hearing the wild pattering circling the building and occasionally hearing the creature’s shrieking and clawing at the outside walls of the little building we were in.

I was afraid that it was going to come through the door at any given second. We had stopped hearing the shrieking and the wild pattering outside, but we still waited to go outside until the sun rose, just in case it would be awaiting us.

When we did emerge from our temporary safe haven, we saw claw marks all over the door and walls of the little building,

we then made our way back to our camp slowly and hesitantly, when we had gotten back, everything was destroyed and thrown everywhere, we then turned around and gotten out of there as quickly as possible, not wanting whatever that thing was to return. When we had gotten back to my house, we decided it would be best to never speak of the events of that night again.

I think that what we had saw, was the Rake. But I will never forget those Dark Pits, staring into my soul.

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