The thing from the woods

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It was mid summer of 2017 I was 12 at the time and me and a couple of friends went to an old hunting cabin to spend the weekend .

This story will start from the beginning of the day after we got to our destination which was a cabin in our local town near lake Tahoe now in Tahoe it is cold up in the mountains where we were especially for summer so let me tell you the lay of the land it is mountainous terrain with tons of tree cover mainly pains. So let’s get to the story we had gotten there with some help of 18 year old friends that knew the people who owned so we where able to spend a week in it. On the day this took place I was with a group of my friends there where four of us (I will change there names for privacy)including me and my best friend Jay and his brother James along with his girl friend Kayla. Anyway we where just messing around in the woods when all the sudden we stared hearing heavy footsteps in the snow we all shrugged it off as a deer but where we wrong next thing you know we hear this bloods curdling howl then a big rock came crashing through the woods which later it took 2 people to pick that rock up then some weird looking creature came out of the brush I still can’t explain what we had seen but I will try to explain it was like a gorilla but it was standing on two legs we all looked at it then looked the other way then we realized that Kayla was on the other side of the beast so me and James went to go save her James went to go get while I distracted the thing I threw a rock and hit it in the head it looked at me and I booked it into the woods.

I heard it behind me then once I ran another 100 feet it was quiet I ran back to the clearing where we where James was holding Kayla and Jay was freaked the fuck out so when we thought it was clear we booked it back to the cabin and waited for our other friends so later we got armed with the hunting rifles and went looking for that fucking monster but found nothing so to the thing in the woods lets never meet again.

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