The Talking Branch

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This happened when I was seven years old. Back then, I lived in a two story apartment. We lived on the top floor, and the apartment next to us was connected by a patio. My sisters and I loved playing on the patio, and we were always seen there. But something I encountered there, has changed my view on the once light and happy playground of my childhood.

I was outside on my patio alone, playing near our neighbor’s house. They had a little walkway that lead to their backdoor. In that walkway, were a pair of bikes, maybe a few sandals, and a branch from the tree growing next to the apartment, reaching into the middle of the walkway. It was just resting there, until it began to shake, like wind was causing it to move up and down. Thing was, there was no wind that day. As I stared at it, I heard a voice, coming from the walkway. I was certain there was no one there, and the voice was about a yard away from me. The voice was raspy, and rather high pitched. Sad thing ism I can’t remember what it said for the life of me. As a kid I never really listened to what anyone said. I just heard. But the one word I remember it saying was “Listening…” I wish I could remember what it said, what it wanted to tell me… As a kid, I thought it was the branch talking. So I called it “The Talking Branch”

Years later, I discovered a show called “A Haunting” and became very fascinated with the paranormal. After putting the pieces of the puzzle together, I found out, it was a demon or spirit that spoke to me that day. I shuttered. One of those other worldly things spoke to me. I then wanted to know even more what it wanted to say to me. But at the same time, I wanted to forget. Since I know where this thing comes from…

When I was talking with my family about their experiences with the other side, my mom said she heard a raspy voice say her name a long time ago, before she got married. I’m a very good voice impressionist, and I am able to mimic a lot of cartoon voices. One voice that I’m able to mimic perfectly, is the talking branch. I mimicked the voice and asked my mom, “Was this the voice?” and she said yes. Just makes me wonder if the talking branch was the same voice that spoke to her.

Later on, I was able to forget about it, and just accept that it was a part of my past. But I can’t help by wonder if I will ever hear that voice again.

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