The stranger

I’m a 13 year old kid I live a Normal life and not many strange things happen to me until now it was October 31st my family and I decided to spend it at Disneyland the well happiest place on earth I’m not usually worried about strangers especially at Disneyland everyone seems happy or  how some say normal looking well back to the story the  park closes at [12:00] my mom and dad were tired so the left a hour early and left me by myself in Disney I knew were i hotel room was so right after the park closes I can go back to the hotel . I was tired and the park only had a couple of people left in it it was going to close in 30min anyway so I thought I’ll do one more ride and start my walk back I chose pirates of a Caribbean I was getting on then another man walked up al by himself I shook it off as him just wanting to stay up later than his family but he gave me a weird feeling. He was super silent and I can tell he was looking at me I was in the front row he was just behind me and then he started singing the theme song of the ride it was weird but I didn’t think much of it yet until he moved to the front row while the ride was still moving he didn’t say anything he just moved next to me for the rest of the ride he said nothing and he would look at me the ride was over I hopped off and got the hell out of there as I was walking back to the hotel I felt as if I was being followed I turn around and see the man that I was with on the ride he smiled and just held the smile and kept following me i started running to my hotel I thought I lost him until when we were packing the next morning to go back home he walked up to me and smiled we got in the car and he smiled at me the whole time.i don’t know if he was just trying to scare a young boy or was actually trying something but either way I don’t want to see him again


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