The Stranger at the playground

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Now I’d like to start off this story with a little note, this happened awhile ago, so some details may be a bit incorrect (my apologies)

As a child, around the age of 7-8, I had a very good friend, who I’ll call Jackie for safety reasons.

Jackie’s family was very generous to me, since my parents were busy with work, so they would almost always take me to this one playground.

for the first few months, everything was normal, we’d go, play for a few hours, then leave.

But one day, as Jackie and I were walking over to the swings, everything was going pretty normal for the first few minutes, when Jackie tapped my shoulder and said

“Makaylah, do you see that man, he keeps staring..”

i glanced over to where she was signaling, and noticed a man.

He didn’t look sketchy, he looked normal. But nonetheless, the news of this man staring at us was still scary, so I requested we go home early.

the next day we went to the park, the same man was there. Jackie didnt seem to mind at this point, but I would take glances at him, but once as he was looking at us, we made eye contact.

He got up extremely slowly, and stumbled over to us. Soon Jackie’s parents looked up and noticed this man, and nervously came over, afraid of what the man would and could do. They grabbed onto my hand, but before they could move me away from the man, he grabbed onto my hand, and started pulling on my arm, trying to pull me away.

he kept saying slurs of

“I’ll take her, she’s mine, custody!”

by now, bystanders with their children were glancing over at the incident, shocked and horrified. An onlooker eventually was fighting off the man, when he inhumanly almost crawled into the woods behind the park.

Needless to say, we never went to that park again.

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