The Staring Creature

One little summer day I was in my house it was dark about [12:00] AM on Saturday, I have just gotten back from Wisconsin, there was just complete scilence I could still hear a few cars going by but that was it.

I started getting ready to go to sleep but out of no where I hear something walking outside, I figured it was my neighbor cause I live in a town home
in Itasca,IL if you heared of the area, anyways it seemed it got closer to my garage since I am on top of the garage in my room..

I look outside and right across the street walking on the rode way was a long legged creature it was looking in people’s windows but everyone’s windows were closed and blocked from curtains.

Except my bedroom window I can see it turn around and look at me with its cold dead eyes, I got the shivers and imagined it was me seeing things but I wasn’t it was real I was so scared so I locked every window in the house and shut all the doors and locked them too, I got in my room and locked the door and fell asleep no knowing what I’d see the next day.

The next morning I wake up and I can see kids riding their bikes like any other day, so I decide to go outside after I brushed my teeth and ate, so when I went outside I saw blood on one of the trees I was scared and I remembered hearing a tree shake and it sounded like bark getting scraped off a tree I could tell the creature I say the other night had hurt itself anyways till this day I can still remember seeing it I never knew what it was.

I choose to try to not think about it but I never could stop it was the most scariest time in my life I never had an experience like that ever.


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