The Snowman’s Revenge

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By PistolPete09

Sammy Snippet was a strange kid. He always smiled no matter what and always talked to himself. Lance, Eddie, Frankie, Joey and Billy and Thomas always picked on on him. He had no friends and always ate lunch alone and preferred to sit by himself.

Lance and his group of bullies always picked him for having “imaginary friends”. One day in the winter when Sammy was walking home from school Lance went a little too far. As he got out of sight from the high school away from teachers and staff Billy and Thomas shoved him into a snowbank. Eddie and Frankie bombarded him with snowballs then Lance and Frankie held him well the others piled snow on top of him turning him into a human snowman.

What they weren’t aware was the fact he was claustrophobic and also got frostbite easily and couldn’t be out in the cold too long. They finished covering him and put some coal for a face, a carrot, some sticks, then a hat and scarf to “keep Sammy warm”. then laughed at their joke and ran away.

Sammy’s mother got worried and called the police who couldn’t find him despite a firm search of the area. One day Billy and Thomas decided to build a snowfort. They made it so big that if it collapsed on them they couldn’t make it out and would die in the avalanche almost instantly. They were finishing and Billy was inside admiring it and Thomas came outside to check it when he noticed a snowman with the hat and scarf they had put on Sammy’s. He tried to tell Billy about it but he couldn’t hear him so he climbed in after him and they could see it through a hole in the ceiling they made for air. They swear they saw it’s arm move.

Billy had a little brother and assumed he built it and when they were inside the fort and didn’t notice. They turned for a minute and the snowman was gone. A few seconds later they heard the scarping of a shovel and saw snow covering both the roof exit and the front exit. They tried to escape but the fort collapsed on them both and they were trapped in the heavy avalanche.

Frankie, Joey. and Eddie, and Lance went over to the local sledding hill at night to avoid the crowd during the day. Joey was going down the hill and Frankie and Eddie went down the steps to meet him by the trees. They planned on stealing wood from the cabin at the top of the hill on the other side of the woods afterwords for a fire. Lance was already waiting there. Joey was headed down really fast and tried to avoid a snowman in the middle in the path but couldn’t steer his sled. After going under the snowman’s arm something sharp pierced his eye.

When Joey got to the bottom Eddie and Frankie stared in horror at him. An icicle was jammed deep into his eye killing him instantly. They figured it fell from a tree. When they looked up the snowman that was previously on the hill was now at the bottom standing a few feet away from them. It looked like the one they trapped poor Sammy in. Both its branches were held together and in them were a shiny metal axe.

Eddie tried to run but fell and was decapitated by the axe. Frankie ran in the woods towards the lake but had nowhere to go but onto the ice. Unfortunately for him it was thin and he fell through it and drowned due to his obesity preventing him from staying afloat.

Lance was wondering what was keeping the others. Suddenly he heard footsteps in the woods surrounding him. He saw a large round thing a few feet away holding an axe covered in blood. It got closer and he realized it was a snowman. The very one he had trapped poor Sammy in. It started to get closer but by the time it got there Lance was dead. Frozen in fear. Sammy

The Snowman pulled out of his scarf and tied around Lance’s neck to “keep him warm” then hung from a tree branch and just stood there enjoying watching frostbitten Lance swing in the breeze.

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