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I used to not believe in any ghosts or paranormal activity but this incident made me believe anything could happen. 3 years ago i was 13. So like any typical boy teenager sleeping over at my friends house. I just got back from my basketball game and was heading to my friend Jake’s house, I was on his block when i saw a very tall man staring at me. I didn’t tell my mom because I thought I was old enough to handle it myself.

When I got to Jake’s  house I told him about it because it kept bothering me.

Once I was done telling him he said, on the news a few days ago 3 boys went missing and a mom said she saw a tall black man staring at her on her property only a few hours after the boys went missing.

I didn’t believe him so I forgot about it. Later we started playing video games down in the basement after watching Dope. Jake’s mom wasn’t home at the time so we were playing GTA 5 for a few hours and then we heard the back door shaking so Jake and I ran up to check, because Jake and I were scared we got knives from the kitchen in the front of the house and quietly looked at the back door.

And sure enough there was a very tall man about 8ft crouching and staring at Jake and I. We took off like cheetahs storming down to the basement and called the police. 5 minutes later they arrived but they didn’t find it. A few hours after they left I heard glass break so I locked the basement door and hid under a blanket with Jake. There was silence the rest of the night and I have not seen the tall figure since then.

That August day in Mexico scared the ever loving crap out of me. And don’t mess with unknown creatures. You don’t know whats out there.

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