The Skinwalker

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This took place from what I can remember 10 years ago, I was living in Wales at the time and behind my house was a massive field which you could walk to the doctors surgery and the church. At nightime the field used to give me the creeps as it would always be reflected in the dark as something you would see in a horror film like the water glowing in the moonlight and the darkness casted over the field.

I was 12 years old at the time I used to enjoy playing in the field with my dog, Milly. She was a rough collie who was getting to quite an old age but she still had some playfulness left in here old bones. She and I went into the field at night. To give a small overview of my old house, there was steps from the backdoor to the road behind the back garden, you would walk past a treeline then the metal gate to the field was there.

We took a walk into the field and it was quite fun time, we did the usual games anyone would do with their dogs like fetch the stick, run and chase and other fun games. The field was only partially well lit by the nearby street lamps but the back area was dark and spooky. I would often hear noises from the field which could range from howling to whispers but I shrugged it off as a farmer and dog as across a small stream was a farm.

When I was about to venture further into the field, Milly began to growl. Now Milly was getting old and her eyesight was partially gone but she stayed almost still and snarling at something in the darkness. I just told her it is a farmer and his dog but when I looked in her direction, I froze. Standing there was man but the thing about this man was his arms and posture. He was hunched over and his arms stretched to about his legs. I shouted, “Hello, my dog means no harm. She is just not used to seeing anybody at this time of night”. In my head I heard, “Means no harm”.

Panic began to strike me, I tried to play it off as me overreacting but then the man changed. He or it was no longer a man, it morphed into a dog but the back legs were too high and its back was more arched like a werewolf but more straight. It let out a big screech and charged at me and Milly. I began to run with Milly in toll and we got over the fence with me lifting Milly who was a very big but not impossible to lift.

I ran back to my back garden, locked the gate and ran up the stairs. I looked back from the top and the thing was there partially illuminated in the light and it stared at me then ran back into the field. My dad was quick to the kitchen and asked me what was wrong. I told him and he just told me that I was just seeing things and to go to bed. I did and that night was full of creepy events.

The first was at around midnight. I was thirsty and went down for a glass of water, as I headed down to the kitchen. I heard a tapping at the backdoor, at first I thought I heard my dads voice asking me to let him in as he forgot his keys. I thought, hang on my dad and mum were asleep next door to mine. I crept back through the lounge and back up the stairs to my room and looked out my bedroom window which overlooked my back garden including the backdoor. I looked and there was the same man from the field but he was looking at me and I quickly closed my window and drew my curtains. It had a crooked mouth and huge glowing eyes. I hid under my covers and fell back asleep.

The second event happened the following night, I was in bed early after a long day of school and small chores around the household with my mum and dad including walking the dog and shopping down our local grocery. I fell asleep and at around 1am, I woke up and decided to play on my PS2, yes a 2000s kid. I played on the horror game, Resident Evil 4 and was enjoying the game when I muttered under my breath, “Just a zombie!”. I heard a voice mimic mine and it said the same thing, “Just a zombie!”. I paused my game and was shaking as I noticed that voice from the previous night. I looked outside my window and it was there again but it was almost a staggering 9 feet tall and was looking through my window and it stayed there until I fell asleep.

The last event that occurred was when I was at home on my own, my dad was working and my mun went to see my cousin a few miles away and I was alone. I played on my trampoline and then went to my room to have a games night. My dad was not due to be home till 12 at night and my mum would pick him up after he caught the bus to his job which was 15 miles away in another town. I settled down with a big pizza and my own custom made coke and mango mix with ice in a big pint glass. I was playing some games when all of a sudden I heard a knock at the backdoor and thought, “Huh, maybe mum forgot something” as I made my way down I froze. “Mum went to see my cousin and my dad was working the night shift. How can they either be back as the buses stopped running after 6?”. I also recalled the last two nights with that thing, I peeked behind the lounge door but nothing. I felt it was my imagination but then I heard my name, it called my name, “Joshua”. I looked at the backdoor again and the thing was there, Milly was barking at it after it began tapping and I called her to quietly follow me. She listened and came to me, whimpering but I told her it will be okay.

I took her and my cat who was hissing at the creature upstairs and locked the door. I waited there, lights off and windows drawn. I then heard more snapping bones and it began screeching. I looked out the window and it ran into the field. I saw the headlights of my mum in her car pull up behind the back gate and I ran out to ask her if she saw it but she did not. I was relieved to see my mum but was irritated by what I kept seeing.

Almost 7 years later at 19, I had to know what I saw all those years ago and after asking around and explaining my experiences. They told me what I witnessed was a skinwalker or a wendigo but I thought as a young horror fan they were native to America but some must have been in the United Kingdom long ago. All I am happy with is we moved back to England and when I visit the area, the field has been locked firmly. I just hope somebody else, was not their next victim.

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