THe Skinwalker down the road

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This story takes place in Atascadero CA, My name is Cristian And my Nefu is Luke, Luke and i always like fooling around and  like watching  scary videos, such as mr nightmare and my favorite Darkness Prevails, a couple days before this expierence happened, Luke and i were on this kick about SkinWalkers, now we know this offends the Native Americans beacuse when focusing on them it brings negtive energy, but were white boys so we don’t give a shit of course, Luke and i started talking about them saying we don’t believe in them and laughing about them saying if your scared of a Skin walker your pussy,but that all changed the next night.It was 3:10 in the morning on a Monday, and i was in a deep sleep until Luke woke me tapping on my shoulder, what what!!! i asked, Luke told me to get out of bed and look out the window! he said theres a Skin Walker out there!! of course i didn’t believe him so i just told him to go back to sleep it was nothing, Luke told me peak from the blinds and look! so as a brave Uncle i was i got out of bed and Opened the blinds, and at first it was to dark to see, then i looked closer, and what i saw was fucking horrifying!!! The best way i can explain it, it had no eyes and no ears just a big fucking mouth!!!!!! it appeared to us to be a Skin walker, it looked native American! it stood straight up! and then it got down on four legs! it made a soft screeching sound and it looked directly at Luke and i! but it didnt attack! it just stood there! so i told Luke lets go back in bed! Somehow we fell asleep, the next morning we checked outside and of course it was gone, we haven’t seen that thing again and hopefully we won’t! for people who make fun of skin walkers don’t because they are real!


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