The skate park

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Around the time of this story I was like 9. This happened in Idaho at my local skatepark. I’m not a big skater but my brother was and I had some friends there too. One random day a car showed up in the skatepark parking lot.

Everyone thought nothing of it and went on with the day. That same car went there and parked in the same place everyday. On the second week that the car was there a skater lets call him Jeff.

Jeff was behind the car and saw a man taking pictures of kids crotches. Jeff told the man to stop and he did for that day. I told my mom about it and she went to the skatepark the next day. The man had his wife with him that day. My mom told the man to stop taking pictures of the kids forever.

His wife showed my mom pictures of kids doing tricks but those were printed out. We never asked what was on the camera.

The same man bought a skateboard and started skating.

But that’s not all, he was walking by a girl stretching and doing the splits and said in a weird tone “Damn, girl,” Jeff fought the man out of the park and he ran. I don’t wanna know what could’ve happened to someone if Jeff wouldn’t have been there. It still gives me chills till this day.

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