The Silhouette

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When I was about 12 I went to a summer camp that was 5 weeks long. During the 2nd week was when things started getting downright creepy. It all started while many of the kids were canoeing on the lake, it was getting pretty dark out and I was sitting on the shore with my friend Jordan.

We weren’t aloud to make a fire so we had flashlights that were bright as crap.

Jordan was shining his flashlight on the trees trying to creep me out, obviously it didn’t work, and as he was shining the flashlight I caught a glimpse of a dark silhouette of a large man. I sat there for a second but then Jordan and I bolted off back to the cabins. He kept telling me it was an animal or my eyes playing tricks on me but I know it wasn’t.

The next morning I tried to forget about it but I couldn’t so I just went on with my day and when the sun started going down all the kids at my campsite were doing s’mores and hotdogs.

I was roasting a hotdog next to Jordan then I saw it, the silhouette, again and with out realizing it I dropped my hotdog in the fire and looked at Jordan and gave him a nudge but by time I looked back it was gone. I told a councilor what had happened but he and Jordan both said I was imagining it.

Now fast forward a week Jordan, my friend Chris and I were in a group together for survival night (Survival night is when a group of 3 boys goes into the woods with nothing except a few knives and sleeping bags for 2 nights). Chris and Jordan were trying to get a fire going and I was collecting fire wood and searching for dinner. About a good half hour later Jordan found a bird to cook for dinner, which wasn’t the best, and we gobbled that down. That night when we were supposed to be asleep I was laying on the ground unable to keep my mind off the silhouette then I heard footsteps from about 10 feet away……they were closer only about 5 feet away. . .now they were barely 2 feet away from me and I could barely move.

I looked up. . .and there he or it was! All I could think to do, if I was even thinking, was to sit there staring at it and I wanted to grab my camera and take a picture or video of it but I could not move. . .

I was frozen solid out of fear. I quietly whispered to Chris, because he was closest to me, and told him there was something watching us. He saw it too. He woke Jordan up quietly and covered his mouth then removed his hand from Jordan’s mouth when he pointed to the silhouette. There we were. Frozen in fear. Staring at whatever it was. After about 7 minutes of sitting and staring I worked up the courage to take a picture of it. I clicked the button for a picture but it was on video mode.

I couldn’t do anything about it though because the instant I clicked the button on the camera the silhouette just disappeared. Jordan, being his daredevil self, ran after it and Chris soon ran after him and I didn’t really plan on sitting in the deserted campsite all alone in the darkness. I quickly put my shoes and tried to catch up with Chris and Jordan which I ended up doing.

But when I did, they signaled me to be still and then I realized why. About 12 feet away from us there was a cabin. No not a cabin from our camp. A manmade cabin out in the middle of the woods. It appeared to be old and broken down. The door was nearly off the hinges and 3 of the 5 steps were broken. In the window were cobwebs and the silhouette but he moved away from the window when he noticed we noticed him. Our minds wanted to go inside but our bodies would not allow it.

After a good 20 minutes Jordan started to walk up to the cabin. I followed him and so did Chris. It reeked. It smelled as if something died in there. We looked around and there were 7 camp T-Shirts, 4 of which were in a fire pit that looked like it hadn’t been used in years. Chris and I approached an old, broken mirror with letters on it but they were in some weird language. When Chris backed up, the old warn out, faded carpet slid over a few inches revealing a trapdoor. Now I was scared as crap and didn’t want to investigate the trapdoor but Jordan and Chris wanted to and I wasn’t going to stay up there alone.

But when they opened the trapdoor, they slammed it shut in horror. What was down there were bones.

Not skeletons. Bones scattered across the floor. when we got up and approached the door there he was. The silhouette murderer was standing in the doorway. We stood there frozen but the silhouette wasn’t frozen for long. He neared us and started whispering in some weird tongue. But before he could get to close, Chris threw something at the window and he jumped out so Jordan and I followed. I think we had all crapped our pants at that point.

We tried to find our way out of the woods, which we eventually did, but we kept tripping and running into things. We reached the campsite and looked for a councilor. When we did we yelled and ran towards him. He looked at us like we were being overly arrogant and told us to go back into the woods. Jordan yelled at him so he would listen to us and we told the councilor about what had happened. He stared at us for a second. Then he ran to find the other councilors and told all of the kids to go to our cabins and make sure nobody goes out. I waited for what seemed like an eternity then we saw police cars. A bunch of officers got out of their cars and a councilor asked us where we found the cabin and since we didn’t exactly know where…we had to lead them to it….right back to the silhouette.

They investigated the cabin. No trapdoor. No letters on the mirror. Nothing. It was all gone. The police officers and councilors scolded us and we had to be punished for this even though we tried desperately to convince them there were human bones. Then I remembered…while Chris and I were investigating the mirror, Jordan was looking through drawers and he had found a notebook. He showed it to the officers but nobody could understand it. They handed the book back to Jordan and we went back to our cabin. The next morning we all left. Everybody had to leave 3 weeks early. I was never told anything else about the cabin and they closed the camp the next summer for reasons I don’t know.

But I’m convinced that someone had gone down the trapdoor. -N. Carter Woods


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