The Shapeshifting Creature

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I live in a small town in Ontario, which has it’s ups and downs. I was about 15 years old when this experience took place, and it has scarred me to this day. Living in place like Toronto, the crime isn’t high. I generally feel really safe where I live, not only since it’s a small town, but because this area wasn’t one to be trifled with. Crime wasn’t a biggie in these parts, and so I trusted almost everyone. Almost.

My house is located at the edge of my neighborhood, and across from my house is a small park. Behind that small park is a field, that has many hills, and a forest behind it. It is really quite beautiful, especially during the summer and fall. Canada is generally cold, and sometimes really does live up to it’s stereotype. I’m an outdoorsy kid, when the chance arises. Most of my time is spent playing video games in my room, but I don’t mind walks in the forest out back.

It was a Tuesday afternoon, which turned out mild and cloudy. Having grown up in British Columbia, I absolutely adored the rain and thunderstorms. I took the time to put on a hoodie, and joggers, and went on a walk. I set course for the woods, me being the adventurous type. Keep in mind, the forest was quite dense, but it wasn’t too big. As I approached the edge of the forest, I felt rain drops. It had started to rain, and it sounded as though it was picking up fast. I entered the dense tree line, and made my way through the woods.

I am no stranger to these woods either, I have been in them with friends a few times. Because of these older times, I have already discovered a homeless shack that was constructed in the forest. It had an old mattress, a makeshift bed, and even some torn up clothes hanging from wires that were strung across the roof. The shack was abandoned though, no one inhabited it, or even touched it for a long, long time.

I thought it would be pretty cool to take shelter from the rain in this little structure, as I love feeling cozy, and being in the great outdoors. I ran inside the shack, and listened to the sound of the rain tapping against the wooden boards. It was amazing. I felt so refreshed and alive, up until I noticed a horrible smell.

I looked behind me and noticed something that was never there before. A dead raccoon was laying on the bed, insides spewed out and -what looked to be- torn out. I backed away suddenly, but the sight wasn’t enough to disturb me. I’ve seen dead animals before, and they don’t phase me that much, as cruel as that sounds. I automatically came to the simplest conclusion, telling myself that an animal must have taken shelter here as well, and well, had a bite to eat.

That didn’t make comfortable though, and all the love for the rain had quickly diverted to worrying. I worried that this animal might come back soon, since the corpse looked fresh. I took in the sight and smell of the pouring rain and luscious trees, and got ready to leave, when a noise startled me. Over the pattering of the rain, a new sound came from behind the shack. Twigs and branches snapping underfoot, but it didn’t sound like normal footsteps.

They were heavy, as if a large man was walking across the foliage. The shack was small and compact, and it was just basically one big room. This left no room to hide, so with some quick thinking, I ran out into the forest ahead of me, trying to make the least amount of noise possible. I didn’t hide and inspect the culprit, because I was too afraid of the unknown. I just kept running.

I was halfway across the field, when I finally looked back. I honestly didn’t expect to see something, but I ended up seeing a tall, looming figure standing by the treeline. It scared the hell out of me. From my quick glance, I could tell that it was huge, I’d say about seven feet tall. It had long, slim arms and legs, and had eyeless sockets. I kept running, tears forming and descending down my cheeks as I ran. I remember tripping once, on some of the overgrowth in the field area. That was the moment I thought I was going to die, genuinely.

I managed to pick myself up, and got to my house. I slammed the door shut, and locked it. I closed all the windows and blinds, even though it was broad daylight, and my blinds were very thin. I started crying on the couch, and my mom came over to my aid. I just decided to tell her that I had ruined some of my clothing that I loved from the rain, because I slipped on some mud and fell on the ground.

My parents did spoil me, and always treated me like a child. Even though I was fifteen, my mom would have never turned me down for crying over something like ruined clothing. I thought whatever I saw was just some sort of nightmarish illusion, and I knew       I wasn’t going to sleep tonight.

The experience didn’t end there though, as what happened next tops everything in the forest. I had been on my computer, playing games with my friends, just trying to forget the whole experience. My mom was out at work, and had been for a while. She usually comes home around dinner time, and makes dinner while I, you guessed it, played more video games.

I was playing on my computer when I heard noises downstairs, like footsteps, and things moving around. I assumed since it was around dinner time that my mother had come home and was making dinner. After a few more minutes, I heard a call from downstairs.

“Dinner’s ready!” Came a voice, all to familiar. Something told me not to go down there, and I swear, this feeling hits me every time I recall this experience. I got up from my chair, and I opened my door.

“I’ll be down in a few minutes, just finishing up.” I called down.

“CHRIS, NOW!” That did NOT sound like my mother. It had her voice, but it was deeper, raspier. I knew it wasn’t her. My phone suddenly vibrated, and a text came in. It read, “I’ll be home in a few minutes” My heart sank. It was from my mom.

I heard footsteps coming up the stairs, so I dashed into my room and closed the door. My door doesn’t have a lock, so I went to my closet, and closed myself in. My heart was pounding, and I did my best not to whimper. Something opened the door to my room.

Peeking through the crack of my closet, I watched as my mom entered the room. I knew it wasn’t her though, since my mom didn’t have eyeless sockets, and red stains around her mouth, with her jaw extended. I covered my mouth, and I thought it was all over.

“Chriiiiiiissss….” It moaned.

A loud noise seemed to jolt the creature’s head up. The sound of the door slamming, and my mother coming in. The creature rushed out of the room, and I heard a window open in the hallway. The thing threw itself out the window, apparently my mom didn’t hear it. After a few minutes of silence, I came out, and went downstairs. I was skeptical when it came to seeing my mom, but eventually I came to terms that she was my mom.

The event still sends chills down my spine, and really gives me nightmares. It was truly a horrifying experience. We moved out of that house, and we are now living downtown. No one believes me.



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