The Shadowman

By Charlotte

Back a long time ago , my dad would tell my sister’s and I about his experiences with some strange things. What i mean by that is that he would tell us about his encounters with monsters. I never really believed him on some things until i had two encounters with one of them.

I will tell one of his encounters that will kind of resemble mine. Bare with me here . So one day when my dad was in highschool his friends and him went to go hang out on this hill, but the only way you could get to this hill was going into this dark tunnel. So they all went in the tunnel and went on the hill and hung out .

A few hours passed by and his friends were going to leave until one of them said, ” Hey Larry, you coming?” My dad’s response was, ” No. I’m going to stay here awhile.”

They left and my dad stayed and he fell asleep. My dad wakes up later and it’s already dark. My dad checks the time and it is 12:00 am. “Shit! I need to go home.” He is groggy as he slowly gets up ,he goes into the tunnel. He starts to walk a little bit but as he walks he hears another pair of foot steps from behind and then he stops walking.

As soon as he stops the pair of other footsteps stop. He shrugged it off as he thought it was a echo from the tunnel. He starts to walk again and then so does the other set of foot steps only it’s walking faster. My dad thought someone was following him so my dad ran for his life. Whatever was following him chased after him. He dad kept running until he found a neighborhood and hopped over someone’s fence into there garden. My dad sat some where in the dark and tried to calm down his breathing .

So the thing that was chasing him hopped onto the fence and my dad covered his mouth so the thing didn’t here him breathing. The black shadow was sniffing the air. ” What the hell !? “, My dad thought.

After a couple of minutes the shadowman hopped off the fence and left. My dad stayed in the backyard till 1 or 2 and ran back home. Now here is my experience. When i was 6 or 7 my mom told me to take the garbage can out to the street at 11:00 in the evening.

Now since i was little and i was already scared of the dark and i told my mother no. She yelled at me to do it or she would kick my ass. Now since her punishments were already scary enough i decided to take out the garbage cans to the street as quickly as i could.I ran outside to the side of the house and one by one i took each trash can to the street.

On the last trash can as i placed it on the street with the rest of them , i decided to take a breath from running.

As i soon caught my breath i suddenly felt like something was wrong . Like someone was was watching me. I slowly turned my head left to the corner of my street and there was a shadowy figure standing under the street light. I waved at it and said , ” Hi ” trying to be friendly as i thought i was just a man , but the shadowy man did not respond.

It started to walk slowly towards me and i started to walk slowly back home. As soon as i made movement it started to run after me and i ran for my life. I ran as fast i could and i opened the door quickly to go inside and i slammed the door shut . My mother yelled at me as i as i tried to get air. Ever since then i believed in monsters and my dad.

I hope not to come across anymore creatures.

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