The shadow

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Back when I still lived in California I lived in a two story house. I loved that house and when I moved out I was pretty sad but hearing my family tell the paranormal experiences they had in that house doesn’t make me miss it as much.

All of their stories were creepy but my sisters was the one that I found the creepiest. It was Christmas and my parents were working but they were going to be home early since it was a holiday. My sister was home wrapping the gifts until she realized she ran out of tape.

She called her friend to see it she was available to go to Walmart with her for a little while.

She said that she could go but they would have to wait for her sister to come after they were done. They arrived at Walmart and bought whatever they needed then waited outside for her sister.It took a while because she had some things to do first. My sister got impatient so she said she would head home first so she hopped on her bike and rode home.

She finally reached our home and was about to put her bike in our backyard.

She opened the gate and was about to walk in until she saw something. We never have our backyard light on but our neighbors do so my sister was able to make out the shape of a man sitting down with his legs crossed looking forward. My sister looked back and fourth at the lightbulb to the shadow to see if there was something  making up the shadow.

Then the worst thing that could’ve happen, happened. The shadow turned its head in my sisters direction. My sister jumped at the sudden action and ran for it. The bike’s tire was stuck onto the gate so once she started running it opened the gate even more. My sister pounded on the door hoping that someone would open the door to save her from that horrible experience.

Eventually my grandma opened the door and let her in. My sister didn’t tell my parents because they would tell her that she’s saying random things so she kept it for herself. That night she couldn’t go into her room and sleep because her room was above the place where she saw the shadow so she slept in my brothers room. She slept on the floor but it was better than sleeping in her room.

We eventually moved out and realized that when people moved in they never stayed for long.


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