The Rougarou

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My mom told me this story.

so basically let me tell you a bit about where this took a place. It took place in a VERY small town in Canada. It was at night, and it was in the 90’s?

So one night a married young women asked her husband to go, and get something for supper. So the man walked to the grocery store, in the neighbouring town. Half an hour later and the husband was still not back. So the women went out, and went to find her husband.

When she was halfway to the other town, she heard rustling in the bushes behind her up the hill. She brushed it off as just animals as animals became active at night. That’s when she heard growling, and before she could run the animal had attacked her. She got a look at it since the moon was full,  and light came off. It was a large werewolf looking animal. It had brown fur, large teeth, and it attacked her legs. She kicked it on the face, and got it right in the face. It had a wicked scratch. So when the wife got away, the animal followed her. It was on all twos at first, until it got onto all fours running faster than an average wolf.

All of a sudden lights came, and the animal vanished. Luckily it was her neighbour. So when she got into the car, she told her everything.

When she got home, her husband was sitting down. He had a wicked scratch on his face. How did he get home so quick, and how did he get that? Was HE the rougarou?

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