The Room

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I often spend the night or the weekend at my friend Sarah’s house. Normally, we would hang out upstairs and then get to the basement for the night as she has two huge couches on which we can sleep. The way her basement is that when you get down the stairs, you are right in the middle of it, so everything is either on your right on your left. On the right, there would be the television and couches, where we sleep, in front there would be a little work place with a computer and on the left, there are a very small bathroom, a room that is used for Sarah’s nieces and nephews when they come over, and then, beside this room would be the room.

It isn’t a particularly creepy room; there is only a huge bed, a closet, a big wardrobe and a commode. Yet, there is some atmosphere in there that makes the room creepy and it is uncomfortable to even look into it from wherever we could be standing. This is a feeling everyone that has ever gone in the room has, so it cannot only be me and my friends being crazy or just paranoid. We all believe there is something in this room, even if we cannot know what it is exactly. We have never seen anything, yet for some reason I always assumed it was a woman, as some sort of intuition or something.

I would be happy if I could say that this is all the room is about; only an irrational feeling of dread. But sadly it isn’t the case. Many things happened in the room, around it and in the whole house in general. It might be long, but I’ll try to make it as short as possible.

First, like I said, this room has a very unsettling atmosphere attached to it, and at night, it would always grow worse and worse. And the feeling would be felt everywhere around the house even with the lights turned on. So much that we couldn’t bear being in the basement when the door of this room was opened. Each night, we would take turns to close it and each time, we hated doing it and we always feared to see something or getting our hand or arm grabbed. Of course, all of this could be us overreacting, but one day, as it was my turn to close the door, I felt unusually bad around it. The feeling was stronger. I closed the door and as soon as the door was shut, something feel somewhere in the room with a loud wasn’t even close to the door, so it couldn’t just be that it was leaning on the door or the wall behind it.

A while after, I was cleaning around the kitchen at 10pm or something. There was only me awake at the time as Sarah’s parents were gone and she was sleeping already. It was all going just fine, I was washing our dishes and replacing everything we had moved to make our food, when I felt as if I was watched. And when I say watched, I mean that it felt as if someone was standing right behind my back and staring intensely at me. It was the same energy that is around the room, there was no doubt about it. I didn’t feel good at all, and wanted to scream and cry, but I didn’t. I had heard that ghosts or whatever entity just wanted to scare people and disturb them, so I kept on cleaning, paying no attention at all to the feeling. And after maybe 20 minutes of it, it just left as suddenly as it had come.

Maybe a month or so later, there was also Maxime with Sarah and I and we were just hanging out in the basement. We were either watching Tv or watching something on her computer and for some reason, we started talking about that one room and Maxime said that he too could feel something bad in it. I then spoke about my theory that there was a woman and I could even say in which corner she would be. Maxime was curious, so we all stepped into the room. At the same moment, the phone rang upstairs, which made us jump and walk out of the room. The phone didn’t ring again once we were out. It was just one ring alone, not a few ones like phones usually ring. We didn’t go back in.

Yet, this isn’t what scares me the most about it. What scares me the most is that on two occasions, I felt like I sort of had to sleep there. The first time, it was just a feeling of ”I want to sleep in that room” and for some reason, the feeling wasn’t that strong on that night. Though I had to sleep with the light opened. It was weird and I never understood why I had the feeling that I wanted to go there, but nothing happened on that night fortunately.

The second night however, was creepier, especially the reason why I ended up in the room. It was Sarah’s birthday and we were having a sleep over with 5 or 6 other friends. We were all in the basement, separated in different places around and on the couches. It was getting late and only Jenifer and I were still awake and finishing the movie. At some point, my breathing started to feel off and hurt.

The only thing I can compare the feeling to is the feeling of drowning. It was very clear, I could even feel or more like hallucinate the water burning my lungs and throat. I was truly uncomfortable and I really wanted it to stop. It was just painful and scary. I looked at Jenifer and simply told her ”I feel like I’m drowning” and then I stood up and walked to the room. I then closed the door behind me and almost instantly, the feeling left and I almost feel in security. I felt completely normal and even good in that room. I slept in it and never I was ever scared…well before the morning, where I was scared by the whole situation. It wasn’t normal.

I have no idea what is in this room, but it sure is creepy and I really hope that this thing doesn’t try to lure me into its room ever again and that it will never, ever make me feel like I’m drowning only to have me as company for the night.


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