The Red Jacket

Hi, My name is Kai and this story took place in the backwoods of West Texas

It was about 7 years ago the most terrifying event happened to me and 30 other people. I was about 12 years old when my mom my sister my grandma and I where heading to my sistersfriends house located 12 miles outside of town deep in the heart of the woods. The only reason we where heading out that way was because that was the location for my sisters girl scouts meeting of the month.

All the family of the girls where together talking inside discussing work and sports while all the children including myself where outside playing. The only room they had to play in the backyard was about 20 yards from the edge of the forest. Me and my sister where about to go inside because darkness wa starting to swallow the sky.

And at that moment everyone outside heard a horrific scream coming from the woods followed by the words “help me”. All the kids rushed inside to tell the parents about what had happened. Obviously the parents where skeptical about our story so they went outside to check them selfsame. They also heard the loud cries for help coming from the woods. Then the most terrifying sight came into view. A human like figure was running threw the woods wearing a red jacket, we couldn’t make out if it was a human or something else.

Finally after watching the human like figure run through the woods for what seemed like forever my friends dad yelled at the figure saying “we can help you!” Immediately, as he finished his sentence the red jacket hit the forest floor with no trace of a human anywhere near it. Three of the dads built up the courage to go check out the jacket that lay there. We could tell something was wrong after the men turned extremely white. Nobody had that reaction till we found out it was a white jacket covered in blood.

I don’t know what happened in those woods that day and I don’t know how to explain what I saw. But I promised to myself I would never go near those woods again.

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