The Red Eyes

Since I was young I spent my weekend’s at my grandparents house and I have always been very tall. At the time I was 9 or 10 and about 5.5 .I was just geting in to hunting with my grandpa.

So 3 days befor chrismas me and my grandpa where in our spots.I was using a 12 gauge and my grandpa was using a 30-6. We were there for a good 2 hours and nothing. So it was about 9:00 At night and we were packing up. My grandpa went behind a tree to do his business.

So I was unloading the shell’s from the gun. But I soon regeted as I heard leaves crunching. I still had 1 shotgun shell in the gun. But when I looked up I saw a pair of red eye’s. The eye’s were atleast 7 feet high. Like a dummy i drop the gun. The red eye’s came closer as I tryed ┬áto scream.

Then my grandpa grabs his rifle and shots the creature in the chest 3 times. The creature let out a ear bleeding scream and ran off. I reloaded my gun. Then me and my grandpa got back in his truck and he spun wheels out of the parkinglot and on to the road. Then my grandpa tells me we arn’t going straght to his house. he told me to open his little slidedoor on his back Window.

Told me if I see the creature to just shot. But I knew it was illegal to shot within 100 yards of the road and I’m pretty sure he knew that to. But speak of the devil. The creature was running on it’s hind legs and seemed like it had no problem keeping up. I fire 2 times making it fall down. My grandpa made a turn as soon as soon as the creature fell. It was about 12:00 when we got back to his house.

That was 3 years ago and I’m 13 now.

My family still thinks I was dreaming. I’ve asked my grandpa about it and he said he don’t remember nothing about it but I think he’s just trying to foget. But at night i feel like I being watched and feel like I’m never alone.

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