The portal behind the mirror

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This all started back in late May 2012, my sister and her fiance were staying in my parent’s house because she had recently been in a severe accident and couldn’t afford medical bills as well as rent.

We didn’t have much money either but we did (and still do) live in a large 4 bedroom house so having them stay with us wasn’t an issue.

I was a lonely 13 year old girl, I had been home schooled all my life so even though it was the start of the summer holidays I didn’t have any plans or friends to hang out with.

I spent most of my time in my bedroom with the curtains drawn, playing my music and reading paranormal encounters online. I’m not afraid to admit I was depressed, and desparate for something to fill my time with.

I ended up stumbling upon a satanic website, I can’t recall the name, but it had links to several “spells” and one in particular called “Ode to the Mother”

It was basically a prayer to the moon goddess selene who would send her vampires to tap on your window and take u away.

Of course that sounded ridiculous to Me so I read it out without thinking anything of it.

Nothing abnormal happened that night, or the night that followed, however, later that week I was sitting reading allegedly true demon encounters on my bed. I remember this night very vividly because it is by far the scariest thing I’ve ever experienced.

My parents were downstairs along with the rest of my family, watching sherlock homes. So it wasn’t them pranking in much as I wish it were.

I was playing P!nk songs softly in the background when I noticed a low scraping noise, I thought it was something wrong with the recording so I paused the song.  However the scraping continued…

Scrape……Scrape. ..Scrape. .

By this time I’d realised that the sound was in fact coming from the large, mirror doored closet that took up the entire far wall of my room.

“Whiskey?” I called, thinking my cat must have crawled inside and gotten stuck. My cat is very vocal however so when I didn’t hear any response to me calling I stood up and slowly opened the closet slide door.

The noise halted immediately. I checked behind the hanging clothes and everywhere that my cat could have possibly hidden but found nothing.

That was when I realised that when I’d moved the clothes to the side they made the same scraping noise I’d heard before because their hangers hung on a metal bar.

That realisation made me shut the door and hop back onto my bed. Did I imagine it? I told myself i must have so i simply turned up the music volume and continued reading.

Scrape….scrape. …scrape…

I shit you not, I felt every hair on my body stand up. What he hell was in my closet?

So I revved up the volume in an attempt to drown it out, but the louder I made the music, the louder it got to combat the noise.

I exited the paranormal page I’d been on, paused the music and just listened. Sure enough the scraping stopped for a minute.

I thought “phew, at least that’s over.” But I thought too soon, because within minutes I could hear a slight “clink clink” like metal bumping against metal, then dragging sounds like long clothes trailing on carpet.

This noise moved out of my closed cubboard door passed the end of my bed and over to my younger sisters bed. Where it seemed to either stand or sit becaude the noise stopped.

All I could do was sit there like a deer in headlights, staring at the empty spot on the bed across from me. I saw nothing, but could audibly hear laboured breathing.

You know that feeling you get when you can tell someone is staring at you, it was like that only worse, because I couldn’t see what was doing it.

I remember trying to call out to someone, anyone,  hoping that my mum had come upstairs and would enter my room. But no sound came from my lips, just a pitiful croak. And terrified tears that streamed down my face.


I eyed the door to the hallway, then back to the “empty” bed, I felt the tension in the air break, and I darted for the handle and made it out, I bounded down the stais like my life depended on it.

I sat behind the sofa as everyone else continued to watch the TV, they didn’t notice I was shaking or the tears on my face, but knowing I wasn’t alone was comforting to me at the time.

A couple hours passed with me just sitting there before my mum told me it was getting late and that I looked like I needed some sleep, but I wasn’t going up there alone. So I asked my sister, to come up with me.

She sat on her bed and I explained what had happened. I couldn’t tell if she believed me, but I was visibly shaken so she offered to leave her nightlight on.

I slept well surprisingly, no scraping  noises, nothing.

A couple days passed and I was spending less and less time alone in my room, I didn’t want whatever was there to come back.

Then one morning I opened my eyes just as the sun was rising, I looked around my room, noticing the first few rays of light streaking in from behind the sea blue blinds.

An immense weight was pressing down on my chest so I looked down. There was a strange face not more than 6 inches from mine.

It was paler than my bedsheets with human-like features, narrow lips and nose, but the eyes were icy blue,  and the pupils were barely visible, just tiny grey slits.

I could see what looked like stitches all along the outside of its face and the beginnings of black hair, but no body….like it had stuck it’s face through a portal to watch me sleep. But I still felt it’s body weight..

All I remember is staring at it, and then feeling incredibly drowsy and falling back asleep.

Ive spoken with several people about this, and they told me it sounded like sleep paralysis, however I could move my head so I really doubt it.

Things happened quite frequently after that, light switches turning on, the music box on the fireplace even wound itself up one day while I was in the living room.

I actually started to think that maybe it was a friendly spirit. Because it hadn’t done anyone any harm,  it just seemed to enjoy following me.

Boy, was I wrong.

Things took a turn for the worse one night when I’d woken up from a vivid nightmare in which this pale bald creature with deep black pits for eyes rose out of a lake of black water and slowly waled toward me, I was petrified.

I remember asking my sister if she was willing to put her bed next to mine, and she did. However she kept complaining that her bed kept getting tugged away from mine during the night.

Things got worse and worse,  my sister would complain that she’d feel hands around her neck when she tried to sleep, or feel eyes watching her at night.

I thought it must have been my fault so I moved into the spare bedroom.

The night I moved I heard my sister calling my name from the room she was still staying in, so I went to see what was wrong and found her crying.

She told me that she’d just turned off her light to go to bed when she heard someone tapping on the window from the outside.

So I checked behind the curtains and saw nothing except the pitch darkness outside, bear in mind the room is on the second floor, so the window is easily 15 feet off the ground.

I didn’t know what to do so I offered to let her stay in my new room with me.

I started having vivid dreams almost every night. In all of them I would see this tall dark figure with a long black trench coat and long black hair. It would tell me detailed stories about things it’d seen. And I started to look forward to these encounters.

I would always call it Alli, which was short for allister, it was a name I’d never heard before, which only made things stranger.

I ended up talking to my parents about things that were happening, which I soon regretted because it made Allister angry.

I started having dreams in which I would get touched forcefully and even sometimes during the day I would feel things moving around under my clothes.

I ended up moving rooms again, and everything was back to normal for about 2 weeks, but then it came back.

I woke up to pressure on my lower body, and looked up to see the silhouette of a bony, bald man on top of me, they had a hand placed on either side of my shoulders, and I could see him moving back and forth but I couldn’t move. I could only lay there and watch as that thing did whatever it was doing to me until I fell asleep.

The next morning I went immediately to tell my mum, I couldn’t hold it in, so I broke down in front of her, which is very unlike me. And thankfully she told it seriously.

She had a group of spirit healers pray over me every day for a week. And thankfully things got much better.

A lot of strange things happened that I didnt include as they would make this story very long, however perhaps in the future I will.

Until then be safe, and don’t laugh off everything you read. Sometimes there’s more to it than meets the eye.

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