The panther in my garden

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This story happened when I was about 14. I live in scotland in a remote area not fully rural but not completely urban either as there is a large forest next to my house. I was in my home and I had let my two dogs out as I would usually. One thing I had noticed over the past few nights is the dogs had seemed quite uneasy but staying across from a forest it wasn’t uncommon for foxes and rabbits to get into my back garden so I didn’t think to much of it.

That night I let the dogs out again and just sat eating my dinner, around the same time again I heard the dogs scratching to get in but this time they were whimpering and absolutely frantic as opposed to being slightly uneasy. I decided to find out what was happening being a summer night it wasn’t too dark but not too bright my dogs ran into the house and I noticed movement at the top of my garden i looked over and what I saw still gives me anxiety. The eyes were what I noticed first but they were much larger than a cat and this particular creature was larger than a German shepherd and it stared me down. There was no horror cliche about me being rooted to the spot as soon as I got a look at the thing I ran into the house and alerted my parents but the next part was a bit of a cliche as when we got out the back the beast was gone, although I don’t doubt a panther could have easily fled into the woods in a short time as that.

When I tell people about this I always get told that it was probably a dog which had gotten into the garden but I know this is not a case for a few reasons, dogs do not have bright yellow eyes and a feline face, the dogs had been uneasy for three nights before and Panthers are usually black leopards and leopards have been known to stalk prey for several days if they are confined to one area, and finally I spoke to one of my neighbours who was familiar with local history and lore and told me I was not the first to see a panther like creature in the area, even if I was you do not feel that kind of fear if it is something easily explained. I have never see it again but after what my neighbour told me I think there could be more surrounding my home.

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