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First off, I wanted to say this is not my story,  I know that can make a story seem doubtful but I promise it’s true, this was told to me by my two cousins in complete honesty and trust. One night my family gathered for a carne asada, it’s like a barbecue, we were eating and sharing stories. Then my cousin, I’ll name her “Dani”, asked in all seriousness, “do you want to hear a scary thing that happened to me and “Elisa”, her sister. Me and a few of us were interested, and listened intently, this was of strange occurrences that would happen throughout their lives.

The first she begins was relatively subtle, she was washing the dishes in the afternoon, a window sits right in front of of the sink looking out into the yard. When she sees someone walk across the window. It looked like Elisa, she was even wearing her favorite yellow teddy bear shirt,but she was strange she was stiff, as if she didn’t kn0w how to act in her body. She continues across the yard and out of the windows view, Dani thinking she’s going to go to the back door to enter the house  waits to hear her come in. But hears nothing, instead she hears the bathroom door open, and to her horror Elisa comes out casually, smiling. She tries to explain what she just saw Elisa outside  but she doesn’t believe her and passes it off as her imaging something.

Months later Dani experienced another bizarre encounter, this time she was out in the city center, in San Luis, with her friends after school. They were trying to get a taxi when one of her friends interrupts the chatting and gets her attention “hey, isn’t that Elisa?” she says pointing across the street.  Dani, confused, looks across to see her sister at the bus stop among other people. She is standing there, furiously waving, stiffly with large eyes and a forced large smile on her face. It was eerie, not normal, as if she wanted her attention urgently. Dani waves awkwardly unsure of how to respond, when the taxi arrives and they get it, all as equally confused and freaked out. They all know Elisa HATES the bus, she feels it’s disgusting and not to her standard, she would never be ridding in one, let alone trying to show others she is ridding one! They argue about whether that WAS her but Dani assures it was, it looked physically like her sister, it just didn’t BEHAVE like her.

The last encounter didn’t happen for a few years, Dani was now married, and her, her husband “Marco”and Elisa were all going to be staying in their childhood home, which is also where the initial “Window” encounter happened. Dani and her husband were sleeping in her and Elisa’s old bedroom, it was dark and had two beds. After a long nap she gets up and heads for the bathroom which is to the right of her room, before she goes to open the door she feels the need to look toward the smaller living room, located to the left of their room with the Front door between. The house was not large and the living room was visible from her doorway. She turns to look and standing there is Elisa, but its the other one, she knew right away. She calls her name anyway, “Elisa?” this thing stares at Dani, it stares hard as if caught red handed. Dani was so scared she said she couldn’t even move. Then it reacted, it bent itself like when you pretending to be a dinosaur, it’s legs bent and it pulled its arms in. Dani said she felt cold, like all the blood froze, she couldn’t breath. Then it tilted its head and jumped, yes she said it JUMPED like a kangaroo! Only it all looked so unnatural, forced and bizarre for anyone to do. It quickly reached her and was face to face, inches apart it began to screech and Dani felt like she was going to pass out, she yelled out “YA VETE!!” “GET OUT!!” When suddenly she heard the bathroom door open, Elisa came out looking confused, Dani looked awful, Elisa rushed over to see what was wrong. She looked pale, and sick, she couldn’t speak she only cried. The thing was gone.

Finally after a few hours she calmed down enough to explain what happened to Elisa and Marcos, who also was worried and confused. She tried to retell what happened as calmly as she could, Elisa believed in her encounters after hearing about the bus incident from her and Dani’s friends. That’s when Marcos added in an extra eerie note to the story.

He says that while he and Dani were sleeping he awoke to someone in the room, he figured it was Elisa back from shopping so he didn’t pay much mind. Then it got closer, it leaned over Marco and strangely looked at Dani, wide eyed, quizzically. After a few minutes it retreated and headed for the closet next to the bed. It began furiously going through everything, thrashing clothes and throwing things out looking at one thing then another. Then it stiffly got up and walked out of the room.  Marcos just assumed Elisa was checking to see if Dani was still sleeping and went to look for something, though he did think her behavior was strange.

They haven’t seen this mimic since, they don’t know where it came from or why it followed them. As we discussed it I stated maybe it was an alien trying to learn from her and understand her lifestyle, whatever this bizarre frighting creature is I hope none of us encounter it in our lives.

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