The night I about died

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This story happen to me when I was about 12 or 13.  I live in a small town in central Illinois. And I’m a huge fan of paranormal. Me,  and a friend we will call Dave went to a haunted house. It was part of the old Asylum in Penkin Illinois. It might be somewhere else but it was close to Pekin.

So before leaving for the haunted house, I was talking to this lady in her 40 about the asylum. She explain how her and her friend would always sneak in and smoke weed, drink and and just enjoy their teenage life. She also explained her paranormal experience, if I remember right this is what she said “Me and my friend was just smoking and passing the time. And we heard someone. Being stoned out of are minds we was panicking because we thought it was the cops. As we started to leave we heard footsteps. And they was coming towards us. We all dead spirited out of there. I go separated from everyone else and couldn’t find my out. I heard my friend screaming and out of no where I heard the most Demonic  voice ever yell “GET OUT NOW!” As soon as I heard that I ran towards the screams of my friends and got out.”

Me not believing in the paranormal thought she was just to high or drunk and made it up. So after the haunted house me and Dave went back to the hotel. My parents went out for the night and wouldn’t be back till late. So after I told Dave what happen, he thought she was lying to. Then we decided to go. It was hard to get in because of the haunted house that was across the Asylum. When we got in it was just a normal kind of abounded Asylum. Creepy, worn down, and abounded. So we started to walk each floor and nothing happen.

Now this is where it gets creepy. The only thing we had at the time was flash lights. We was getting ready to go up to the attic when we heard running. Like little kids running around planing tag. Me and Dave looked at each other both confused thinking why are there little kids in this place especially this late. Yes I was about 12 or 13 but I couldn’t defend for my self. Then out of no where the running stoped. Still confused I yelled “Is there anyone up there?” No answers just little kids laughing and wispering. So I decided to go up. Dave stayed back because he was scared shit less at this point. As I got up there, I saw a lady staring out the window. Confused I asked “Miss, was that your kids playing up here?”

Like I said I didn’t believe paranormal at this time. And she said nothing. All she did was turn around and looked at me. What made it creepy was I could see her eyes were black. Then she disappeared in thin air. Creepy out I went down to Dave. When I told Dave what happen we both decided to leave. As we was leaving, I heard someone running towards. It wasn’t  kids footsteps, no! this was a grown man charging at us. We both sprinted out of there. I took the wrong turn and ended up i the basement.

I started to yell for Dave. No answers.I kept yelling for Dave but still no anwaser. Then I heard someone walking down then stairs and I yelled “Dave, is that you? Stop messing around man this shit is scary all ready. Then when I thought that lady was lying th cake true. I heard this most deepest, the scariest, the most demonic voice yell “GET OUT NOW OR DIE!”

I ran out of the basement, up them stairs with what breath I had left and I found Dave outside talking to the cops. Because he thought I was lost in there or someone had kidnapped me.As I got out the cops asked Dave if I was his friend Dave replied yes. We both got in trouble but at that point we didn’t care. They didn’t tell my parents

but trust me, I couldn’t sleep at all. All I could hear was “GET OUT NOW OR DIE!” I forgot about the whole thing until my parents told me that the Asylum got toward down. One pet me was glad that it happen and other other part of me was terrified of what happen. You can see the Asylum on Ghost hunters if you would like to see it for your self.

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