the nahuatl person

well this occured to me when i was 8

i went on vacations on Morelos,Mexico with my family for one month .one night i went to drink water i think it was passing midnight in the house that i stayed with my family had a huge window it was facing all the back garden so forcibly i had to pass right there to get to the kitchen i went to drink water then when i started to hear somebody talking like a older men i went to see who it was …i passed where the huge window it was then i see a huge pig speaking  things ,i still remember one phrase

-no deberias de estar despierta a estas horas mocosa- ‘that means you shouldn’t be awake at this hours girl’ i panic so i ran to the room of my parents crying ,my parents was startled when i started to yell to wake them up i explained to my parents what i see then they told me to stay right in their room so my father went for his gun and left the room then i hear a gunshot ,after one moments after the gunshot my father came in saying it was a nahuatl and it run away with a bullet in his arm so at the next day we know who it was ,in the end i never know who it was .after 9 years after that i asked to my father if he know who it was and he told me it was the neighbour …

nahuatl is a person who can changes into animals like cats,dogs,pigs,cows basically domestic animals  and it’s very popular here on Morelos but still creepy for me…


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