The Monster In the Woods

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This Story is in every way true.

One day as my family and I were heading up into the Colorado mountains for a fun Sunday trip, we stopped at a small inlet called Sleepy Hallow. My parents decided it would be fun to stop and have a picnic.

My nine siblings and I agreed to play a game of hide and seek up in the trees on the hills above the picnic tables and cars. My sister and I had stayed back while our siblings had gone up into the woods, as soon as we decided we were ready to head up we went the wrong direction.

Our siblings had gone Northeast whereas we went Northwest. After a bit of walking and not seeing anybody we realized our mistake. We looked around and 30feet away from us to my left was a log type humanoid. Now I didn’t want to jump to conclusions and exclaim that I had seen Bigfoot so I took a closer look. Every time trying to adjust my point of view.

My sister grabbed my arm and looked at me in pure terror. She told me she had seen a log behind a bush to her right and when she looked at me and looked back it had disappeared. Fed up with this I told her to run. We turned around and sprinted, never going back that way again. That was 3 years ago. I’m 13 now and it most definitely could’ve been my childish imagination but I know what I saw.

The Beast which I had been dreaming of seeing my whole life, the monster in the woods…I know I saw it. What I saw what Bigfoot.

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