The Manor

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When I was still in seventh grade there was this old building called “The manor”.

This place was for kids with mental problems, but really anyone can be put in there. But it closed in 2012 because a worker sexually harassed a bunch of kids there. And years later my close friends at the time chose to break into the school part. Then they invited me to join them. And me not really being afraid of it I agreed. The first few times it was nothing.

Just a old school that had cells in some places and that was it. But then I found a way to get into the dorm room areas.

So my friends and i all went into there. Then it all went to hell. At first I was just with two of my friends. One who I didn’t get along with the greatest, the other I was very close to.

But soon we had two more people join us. and sometimes when I was with just one of my friend, her and I would hear footsteps in the cafeteria. And one time we all chose to play the ouija board.We found out there was a spirit there. named tam, And she was causing problems.

And soon one girl there was bored so she asked random questions. One popping up of “Are we bad?”

And the planchette moved to spell “B-A-D” And then it sounded as the knives fell in the cooking room. But as we are all to afraid to do anything, We all run. But the next day I came back with only one friend.

And we found a pile of keys and workers names there. I looked through there until I saw something that made my blood run cold. A worker named “Tam”. I told my friend and she didn’t know what to say.

That night I went home only to find out I have a giant bruise on my leg. Telling my friends we went there again before we got caught. And I say a giant white figure in the freezer.

After months we all got caught, I was at another friends house. And he grandmother worked at the manor, She explained how so many things that I saw was real people, but what suprised me most is that how there was the boss, named fred.

Fred was also the same name we got on another time we played on the ouija board.

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