The Man in All Black

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I should probably start off by saying i’ve always been sensitive towards ghostly spirits. I could always feel their presence and at times their emotion. That being said I’ve had many encounters with spirits, good and bad, but i can only name one time I actually saw any of it. Now to this day, i have no idea what it could have been, because it seemed too real.

This event took place back at the end of 6th grade while i lived in Cambridgeshire, England. It was late at night and I remember waking up, and seeing a man dressed in all black with a hat that casted a shadow over most of his face. It terrified me at that time, because all i could see was this things creepy smile looking down at me from the end of my bed. He toward over me, almost reaching my bedroom ceiling. I remember then hiding under my covers, staying awake for hours because I knew he was still there.

I had went to school the next day, still remember that but honestly just thought it was some vivid nightmare. and went about my normal day at school.

that night, I woke up again to see the man, now a little bit closer to my bed. this followed through for seven nights, each night he would get closer and closer to the top of my bed, and each night I would just hide under my covers after seeing him. It had gotten so bad that I had finally told one of my close friends about these nightmares, which then she told my father.

You would think most parents would just laugh or say a child wild thoughts, right? Especially when it a parent who drills into your head that spirits, demons, ghosts and ghouls aren’t real. Instead he flipped out, telling me I should have told him as soon as these started, then I was moved out of my room to the guest bedroom. After that, I didn’t see the man in black with the terrifying smile for weeks.

I want to say that’s the end of this, but this is where it takes a weird turn. It must have been two weeks since I moved rooms and I woke up at midnight again to see a man standing at the foot of the bed. he was identical, if not for being in all white, except he didn’t scare me at all. It was almost calming to see him there. he still had that smile but it seemed less sinister, but thinking back to it it was was just as terrifying in my memories as the man in black’s smile was. I remember him trying to make a hush sound, but to was very faint and far away, and then I awoke the next day, with my window, which was part of the second story, wide open and news that my great grandmother had passed away.

To this day i have no clue who or what those two beings where, or if they had anything to do with my grandmothers death, but I have the slightest feeling it wasn’t. I also dread thinking about what could have happen if I had stayed another night in my bedroom and the man in black being right over my head.

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