The Love House

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Last week I was driving home with my fiancé and friend, We had just had dinner and we’re going around the mountain we take every night on our way home. It was a little after 12 AM.

My friend had never been inside of the so called love house. It was built in the 1700s and was abandoned on Spencer’s mountain and falling it.

Several stories have been told over the years with the house, that a girl named Sarah was brutally murdered there back in the 1700s. And that the mansion was built on top of a Indian burial ground. Whatever the case may be my friend wanted the experience.

So we parked my Dodge Challenger off in the distance hidden upwards on a hill so that no cars or anyone could see it. At this time no one passing would be able to spot the car, we walk about 3 minutes and make our way to the driveway of the abandoned love  house. Having to step over a chain with a old no trespassing sign on it we make it to the back and crawl through a small hole that’s been cut out in the back, as we get in the house is filled with pentagrams and other demonic type images on the walls. We didn’t seem to hear or experience anything while in it right away, as we made it upstairs I got this feeling that we should leave.

We three quietly made it back outside and went around the house and I saw in the distance a old truck with a spotlight on it shining upwards our way. Keep in mind this mountain is abandoned and it’s after 12 AM so likely no one would be passing by.

The truck heads this way and we all scatter and hide, I watch the individual shine his light at the house we were in, i try and get further out so I could get signal so I could call my girlfriends mother since she lived close.

I called her and told her what was going on, and that she should come down here armed just Incase. She stayed on the phone with me and made it, I told her where my car was and she pulled up beside it, out of nowhere the white truck came in behind her and she asked him for help because she couldn’t find us.

He just stared at her, no emotion. Would not speak or say a word..

She told me she was scared at this point, at this time she backs out and the guy starts chasing her, she calls the law and my phone dies.

I’m trying to run further through the woods and get a upper view of what’s going on, I suddenly hear footsteps and chanting. I stop and try to stay still and hidden hoping whoever these people are will pass.  One of them runs up on me out of nowhere, I had my knife in my hand and stuck him in the thigh and punched him in the face and started running.

I ran so much I felt sick, and was still surrounded. I noticed cops had arrived but I couldn’t come out because I was hiding from these people. The cops left without trying to find me, luckily my mother in law was able to grab my girlfriend and friend.

I seen a blue figure walking in the woods in the form of a woman.

I followed it and it went away after a minute of me following. In a miracle I was able to get my phone to turn back on, I called them and they told me I needed to get to my car now.

They went up the road to turn around and met another truck with a spotlight that started violently chasing and tailgating them. She led him away from me, I barely made it to my car as I ran across the parking lot in between the woods and the hill where my car was I spotted the original truck. He was sitting watching at the house, I made it to my car and backed out when another truck bright lighted me and tried to hit me.

I peeled out and took off, they didn’t seem to try and chase me at this point considering the type of car I was driving. The truck chasing my mother in law and girlfriend and friend, disappeared aswell. I’ve talked to people about this, not long ago a woman was coming around Spencer’s mountain late at night and came across a branch in the road. She got out to move it and they came in the trucks and from the woods to grab her.

Luckily two other cars came and they retreated. Looking back at them chanting at me in the woods, it almost seems like they wanted a sacrifice. I feel like these people were truly evil. They had no facial expression, no emotion. I haven’t been back around the mountain since.

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