The Lonely Piper

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So first off, I liked to tell you somthing about myself. I’m a Dutch boy scout and a Big WWII Geek and reenactor. I reenact the 15th Scottish Division. My friends don’t get why I’m interested in it so much, but that’s another story….

We always have summer camp in the summer vacation, last year, 2016, we went to Belgium, near the city of Brugge, by train. I had a great time there, but on thing happened that I found strange and I’m still terrified of it today..

So we arrived at the station at around 12 o’ clock in the afternoon. Our campsite wasn’t ready yet, so my friends and I went to check out the village near our campsite. To look for some grocery stores. We were walking to one of these stores, when we came across a graveyard. I heard that some Scottish ww2 Soldiers had been burried there. So went over to take a look.

One of the graves was very special,  it said: ”The Lonely Piper 1923 – 1944″ I said, that soldier must have been playing a bagpipe during battle. There was this old man sitting on a bench near one of the graves. He called me over and said: “You should leave those graves alone, otherwise HE will come and get you…..” I.. I.. was terrified, I didn’t know what to say.

That night we were sitting around the campfire, chatting and telling stories to eachother. One of my group leaders called us and said that we were going to do some games in the forest that night. I, being rather tired, went to our tent with a friend of mine to go to sleep. We had been planning to stay up all night, and eventually that would happen.

So my friend and I were chatting about.. you know.. boystuff. When all off a sudden, we hear the sound of bagpipes being played rather loudly near our tent. We at first thought that our friends were playing pranks on us. So I opened the tent door, only to see a man standing near the fire… wearing a dirty kilt and a British Army ww2 Battledress or Tunic. My friend sad: ”What is it?” I didn’t know what to say too him. Luckily the Piper wasn’t looking at me, so I tried to close the tent door again… until.. His face started pointing in my direction. It looked normal at first.. but when it was fully pointed at me, I could see part of his skull. Like he had been rotting away under the ground for years, like a zombie.

I was speachless, but he.. as weird as it might sound, he wasn’t. He kindly said hello.. in a typical Scottish accent.. I said: Hello? But he turned around.. and marched away playing his bagpipe. My friend didn’t believe at first.. but when my other friends said that they heard a bagpipe aswell… He did.

This was a really weird experience for me and.. I’m still thinking about what he would have done to me If he wasn’t kind…

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