The Little Boy

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I was 13 at the time, it was a rainy cold day in 8th grade. It was lunch time, and being the strange and unsocial kid I was, I decided to go to my English class and eat my lunch there. The teacher never did care so I would spend most of my time there anyways.

As I was eating my teacher she said she had to go pick up a few papers from the printer which was in another room and that she would be right back. I nodded and continued chowing down on my sandwich while scrolling through Instagram.

As I ate, I heard a giggle coming from somewhere. It sounded like a little boy. I shrugged it off and continued scrolling. That’s when the lights started to flicker. I began to think it was just some guy trying to play a prank on me. So I ignored it. That is when the TV in the corner of the room, turned on. “Really?” I muttered and rolled my eyes. The TV was just all static and then turned off. “I guess they must have a remote to do that” I said.

Once the TV turned on again I got up to go unplug it, so that way this prankster would stop. That’s when I stopped in my tracks and froze… The TV was not plugged in. I looked at it as it turned off and I heard the giggle once more. I was petrified.

Not knowing what to do I stood there in fear. That’s when my teacher came in. “What are you doing?” she asked. “oh.. uh.. I was just throwing away my trash” I said. I quickly gathered my things and got the heck out of there.

6th period came along which was P.E. We always had to dress out in the most creepiest locker room. It was an underground one and the way to it was even creepier. The only lights they had were from the windows. But since it was raining it was ever creepier and darker than before. While we were doing our daily game in the gym the Coach asked me if I could go down there and unlock everyone’s locker because class was almost over. She trusted me which is why she always gave me the job to do so.

As I was walking down I heard crying, again it was the sound of a little boy. “hello?” I said. But no response. Just the faint crying of someone. I walked all the way down and in a corner of the wall there was a boy. His head was burred into his knees and he was just crying. “Are you okay?” I said. No answer. That’s when he lifted up his head… his mouth was bleeding, eyes were full of tears and he had a huge gash on his head.

As I saw this, a flash of lightning illuminated the room and he was gone. I wanted to scream. That’s when I felt the hand of someone on my shoulder. And at last I did scream.

“Woah woah woah. What’s wrong? It’s just me.” it was my friend Elizabeth. “I saw a boy. He was bleeding. He’s gone” I said petrified. “A boy?” she asked. I nodded and she looked confused. That’s when her eyes went wide. “You saw him?!” she asked. “You saw the boy? Oh my God, you saw the boy. I can’t believe it. You saw him. He’s dead. He died when the school was first opened. He was climbing one of the ropes for P.E when he fell to his death.”

I never did see that boy again but what a horrible place to have your spirit at.

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