The Light that Followed

By JoshwaVevomusic

Ok I’m a young boy, I’m 14 years old and in the 9th grade. Before I begin, I’ll give you an idea of the place I played. Me and my Church went to go play Manhunt at a huge property. This area was very big with three canals one on the left and one on the right and one behind the house. This property was a good distance from my church. It was a couple miles in Buffalo. The church is very strict about boys and girls, so when we got on the bus the boys were separated from the girls, and the girls were on the left and the boys were on the right.

We drove probably a good solid 30 – 24 minutes when we finally got there. I met a friend and he was very nice but there was just one person that did not like. This person kept on calling me Ethan which my name was not that. For privacy reasons I’ll call my friend Derek. Derek and I did not interact with each other for a while into the game.

The first time I got there I was wearing shorts in the area that had thorns and a forest on this property. As they made barriers and rules, I felt uneasy and have the feeling that someone’s watching me.

How the game worked was it was boys vs. Girls, and we would take turns hiding and seeking. I brushed off the feeling that I was being watched and we started playing. As the game progressed I try to find hiding Buddies.

I finally found my new friend Derek and we begin to hide. The boys were the ones who started to seek.

As I was chasing a girl I fell onto really sharp bushes. I got up with my leg bleeding really badly and hard to walk as I went back to the house I was calling a medic or someone help, they took me inside and fixed all my cuts. Hard to walk, but I still played the game anyways.

We played until it got dark and we were still playing. Me and Derek didn’t really want to play the game we got bored of it, we were playing for a couple hours. So we won’t get caught we walked around the canals. We started on the left canal and walk all way up that, then we started on the canal behind the house. When we started to walk up it we seen a light. The light was bright and it seem like it was staring right at me and my friend Derek.

We were too far away for it to see us because it wasn’t even on the property. We thought it was a kid going off the perimeter. We stared at it for a long time and suddenly it the light turn off we seen a dark figure Flash then we heard footsteps and the dirt coming towards us. We ran the hell out of there and tried to make it back to the camp or house. When we felt safe again big long Vines behind I started to shake with this most evil laugh.

We sprinted as fast as we can back to the house and never experience that thing again that night. Whatever it was maybe a kid pranking us let’s never meet again.

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