The Late Night Jog Skinwalker

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The events of this story are 100% caused by my own stupidity. Now that that’s out of the way, let me just say that I’m a really big running fan. I’ve been a sprinter on the track team at my school ever since I was old enough to join the team. Considering I’m a good sprinter, but terrible at distance, I tend to take jogs in order to practice my distance skills. Another thing, I tend to get really hyper at random times, which is also why I enjoy jogging.
One night, at around 10pm, I had a sudden burst of energy, and despite it being late fall I thought it would be a great idea to take a jog in my local park. I’m a 5’1 girl who is not intimidating whatsoever, so me going out alone for a jog literally spells out disaster.
I put on my sneakers, leggings, and a sweatshirt, and began my run.
At first, I honestly felt great. It wasn’t that cold out, save for a really nice breeze, and I was listening to some random emo music as I ran. I know, I’m so cool.
As I made my way into the park, i noticed how there was no one there. (Not really that shocking looking back, but I was a bit anxious at the time)
I ended up running for a few more minutes, before taking a quick break on a bench that day was directly under a nice big light.
As I sat, breathing heavily and drinking my warm water as if my life depended on it, I h and heard a noise. It sounded like a voice.
I took off my headphones, and looked around for a moment, trying to figure out if I actually heard something or if it was all in my head.
“Please, someone help!”
It was a kid’s voice, it sounded like a little boy. I felt chills crawl up and down my spine. I stood up, and looked around some more.
“Kid? Hey- are you okay? Where are you?”
“Help! Please! Help!” It was coming from the woods. I instantly thought that some kid was being held hostage by some knife wielding lunatic, and as an avaid horror fan, I immediately thought of Jason from Friday the 13th for some reason.
“A-Are you okay?” I asked again, taking out my phone, already dialing 911.
“Help! Please! Help!” I froze. The way the kid said it- it sounded exactly the same as the time he said it before. Only- way more distorted. As if someone was playing a recording or something.
That’s when I saw it.
I saw a large, thin hand, wrapped around a tree, about twenty feet away from me.
“Help! Help- NOW.” The little boy’s voice was deep and scratchy, and sure enough, it came from the hand.
Hell no.
I ran all the way back home, sprinting so fast my legs felt like they were on fire. My Track coach would’ve been so proud- I was probably running like Usain Bolt.
I slammed my door shut, and slowly fell to my knees, breathing so hard it made my lungs ache.
It’s been two weeks since then, and I haven’t heard any news on the matter. You’d think if somehow that there WAS a kid out there, it’d be on the news or amber alert or something. But nothing.
I guess I should say why I’m writing this now. Last night, I heard a scratching on my window. I know, that’s cliché as hell. But it’s not a tree or anything- my room’s on the bottom floor, and there’s no trees around.
I know, that if I open that curtain, I’m going to see those long, pale, boney fingers, scratching at my window. And I know that If I see the hand, I’m going to see that things face too. Help.

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I… well…crap. I don’t know what to say to help, I’ve never been in this situation before – I live in a busy 24 hr city. I suppose the best thing you can do is research Indian origin stories and see if there’s a way to stop this thing. Good luck, keep us updated! Stay away from the woods, don’t go out alone at night (or without a weapon or two) and whatever you do, don’t look out the window!