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I was, 12, and finally on summer break. The day I saw this guy was, strangely beautiful. Quiet, and somewhat creepy. I didn’t think much of it, because I love silence, no one nearby. Not needing to deal with the problem of others who like to talk.

But back to the story, I had just walked the lake a few times with my best friend. We had gone back to my friend’s house, since he lives right by the lake. We then sat down in the grass talking for literally hours, which I was getting drained from this, boredom was taking me over. Suddenly, lets call my friend Luke, I’m sure my friend doesn’t want his real name out, Luke asks if I want a drink. I politely said no but thanked him, he went in to get himself his own. I didn’t want a drink, knowing he’ll take a long time, so I would get silence.

But, the post in front of me, suddenly flicked. I stared under it, so I would be able to watch it flicker but also watch if someone was tampering with anything connected to it. I didn’t see anyone. I thought, it’s just old, that’s why it flickered. But as I looked down to continue playing with the grass and dirt, in the darkness I caught a glimpse.

Some background, most of my friends think theres something paranormal about me, because apparently at a birthday party I was at in 3rd grade, I did something I don’t remember. I walked out of the other room which I got for myself, with out my glasses, so everything would be blurry. And my friend who was the birthday kid, said my eyes weren’t fully open. But what I said, shocked him and only him. “Don’t play it.”

“What?” He responded, but I quickly said, “don’t play the board.” Then I walked back inside the other room. Everyone looked at my friend, to see he was reaching for a board under the couch, which was a ouija board. He looked at everyone and, he says he didn’t say anything about it and was planning to say something after getting it out.

I stared now, at the glimpse I saw. The person, it was a silhouette of a person. I was watching it grow closer to the post. I watched them step into the light of the post, I saw they were hooded, covered in black clothing. They rose their hands and started making whooshing and other noises, moving their hands, the light now flickering rapidly. I stood up, knowing he couldn’t see me. I had a small stone in hand, ready to throw, when Luke kicked open the front door and charged out. Luke had saw the man through the window, and thought the man was going to hurt me.

Luke thought this because he think he saw the man look over at me when I stood. The sudden door flying open scared the stranger and me, and as I looked to see what caused the crash. Luke was charging at the man, already almost beside me. The man simply walked back into the shadows, and took off. I grabbed Luke before his foot hit the ground. For once I remembered what I did, and I remember what I felt and heard. Something was telling me not to follow him, because this man was unknown, so unknown dangers. This wasn’t me but I agreed with it, and while Luke was yelling at me to let go, I said, “don’t.” I realised I was being ‘paranormal’ again. So I sat down and hugged my knees acting like I was scared, which I’m surprised he believed it. Since I’m normally emotionless.

I’m now long gone from 6th grade, and I’ve done many creepy things. And I still listen to the warnings of the random thoughts I get. Luke and I still talk, and he hasn’t seen the man ever since the incident. I’m glad, as I don’t want him getting hurt or haunted.

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