The Lakestory Beast

I want to start off this by saying that I’m 17 years old, in my senior year of high school, and when I tried to tell people this story, No body believed me, no one except for my friend Jacob, Because he was there.

My name is Austyn, and I’ve always believed in various cryptids ever since I was young and watched the TV show Lost Tapes.  This last summer was full adventures and different experiences, but it was by far the most terrifying summer yet.

You see, I spend a lot of time hiking or Longboarding at our local park in my hometown in Illinois.

Anyone who knows me knows that If i’m not working, Im at the lake or at home practicing the Guitar.  I had been working at the towns Water park as a LIfeguard since I was 15, and had made many friends,  but Jacob was the only one I was truly close too.  We’d get coffee from time to time or just drive around in the country, but Jacob wanted to hang out afterwards,

I had just finished a double shift and I wanted to go to the lake, he agreed and after work we went there.

I asked jacob if he wanted to go down some trails, he answered with a nod. We had finally reached a set of trails I’ve never been down, and it looked just as cheery as the rest of the trails, no sooner than 30 minutes into the walk the sun started to go down. Jacob wanted to pursue and so Did I, that was our first mistake.

We eventually had gotten down to where we could hear the sounds of the lake, 5 minutes or so later we were laughing after a joke I had told, when we came to a fallen tree and taken a seat.

jacob pulled out a pack of cigarettes and Lit one, just to clarify jacob is 20, we sat and enjoyed the silence.  “Silence” I thought to myself, I spoke up to jacob, ” That’s weird, its  never this quiet at night,” he took a drag of his cigarette and listened.

I stood up to stretch and I asked him if he wanted to continue down the trail, but before he could answer Jacob noticed something, “Hey, do you see that down by the edge of the Lake?”

I looked down, I had thought it mightve been a lost dog or a Deer, because they can be seen regularly out here and I’ve returned several dogs to their owners. Before I could say anything he moved past me and said “Hey Austyn, I thinks its an Injured dog”, I started following him.

When i was walking behind him i was looking at the ground because we were walking off path and it was hard to see with it being dark.  The Next thing I noticed was that jacob stopped and I walked right into him, sending us both falling to the Ground, my glasses and phone fell off my face and out of my hands, when I picked them up, I looked around, Jacob was Gone.

“Ja-” I stopped in my tracks, that Dog that he had thought was there was Not a Dog.  It had a Long distorted body, its legs and arms twisted among themselves.  It was skinny and looked like it hadn’t eaten in days, it was pale gray, with tuffs of fur on its arms and legs.

The scariest part about this thing was its Eyes, soulless, Black  eyes.

Its mouth had no lips but its faced forming straight to its sharp jagged teeth, with a small nose that looked like it have been ripped apart by something. I let out a gasp as I trembled to my feet, not daring to take my eyes off it.

it opened its mouth, and said my name and it sounded like Jacob, “Ausssstyn” making an emphasis on the S in my name, I nearly crapped myself,  I started walking backwards when I tripped over something, I fell backwards onto my butt.

This thing then Stood quickly, it towered over me. My hand gripped a small rock, no bigger than my palm, and without any rational thinking I threw it the creature, it didn’t even flinch.

When the rock bounced off its arm, it almost sounded like it was laughing, it got down on all fours and crept towards me, that’s when I lost it, I turned and ran,

as I ran I could hear this thing crashing, and stumbling through the woods, I ran for what seemed like forever, I could finally see the clearing, Jacob was in his car, he was revving his engine, “C’mon Hurry up!! Let’s get the Hell out of here!”

But right he said that, I tripped over something and was sent rolling out onto the loose gravel, Scrambling to  get back Up, I heard it say again “Aussssstyn”

I ran around jacob’s car, and before I even got the door shut we drove off, I Looked back, and there, out of where I came from was that creature, sitting on its knuckles, I closed my eyes and I told jacob to just go, we drove for 20 minutes, my eyes were closed and I was terrified.

The next day I filed a police report, and they had sent a few officers out there, a couple days later after persisting the police to tell me if they found that Thing. They said the only thing out of the ordinary out there was mutilated decaying rabbits body, They told me If i’m so worried about it,

I should just avoid going out there. I didn’t need to be told that.

3 months have gone by and Jacob doesn’t like to talk about it, I finally lost it and I asked what did he see when he went down there, He said when he walking down there, this thing was sleeping.  He described it just like I did, and when I walked into him, he said he fell right in front of the thing, waking it.

That’s when He turned and ran. He apologized but he didn’t want anything to happen to him, I couldn’t blame him, Jacobs 5’10”, No muscle on him at all, and about 120 lbs, he wouldn’t stand a chance to the creature.

If you’re ever in the Midwest state of Illinois, in the Knox county area, stay away from the lake, because you never know what’s in the dark waiting for you.


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