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When this happened and I still don’t feel completely comfortable telling people this story but I think I will rest easier if I tell people about my experience. Just a side note but at the time the joker from the bat man movies, terrified me. Enough to make me have nightmares for months at a time. But enough of that, let’s get on with my story.

At the time I was living in Thousand Oaks, California, a town known for having almost no crimes or break ins.

It was a Saturday and I being my 11 year old self was always on Instagram talking to my friends or checking out their latest posts. Everything was normal, my friends were sending funny videos to me over the chats and we were all just having a fun conversation until I got a strange message from someone. I opened the message and I couldn’t see who sent it to me because the username of the person only said friendly.

The message said and I quote “I love houses they are so big and fun to be in. You have a wonderful house oh and your little brother is so cute.” As I read that last bit my heart sank. I looked over at my 7 year old brother Cole who was playing by the window with his Lord OF The Rings Legos.

I responded to message saying “Who the HELL are you” trying to sound gutsy and intimidating. No response came after so I just stupidly ignored it and blocked the person.

The rest of my day was normal I played call of duty with my friends on my Xbox and then later I went to the movies with my girlfriend Maggie.

It was now 8:30 pm. My mom had just finished dinner and my dad, mom, Cole, and I all sat down at the dinner table.

We were having mashed potatoes and tri tip. About half way into dinner I noticed my dad looking out the window. I glanced over in the direction he was looking in and I saw that the motion light that my dad put out a few years ago was on.

I thought nothing of it thinking it was just my dog General my German Shepard until I realized he was laying down next to my chair.

Now a bit more paranoid I glanced again outside it was dark out but I could just make out the siloet of a person.

My heart sank as I glanced over at my dad. I could tell he knew I saw what he was looking at because after he saw my face, he said to my mom “Honey… Shout gun NOW!” He said as my mom got up calmly and went into my dad’s den and brought out his 12 gage shotgun.

Now my dad was in boot camp training for 5 years and her was trained how to shoot by my grandfather who has passed on so my dad would know what to do.

He told me to go up stairs with mom and Cole and lock the master bedroom door. I listened and grabbed Cole and we went upstairs calmly but inside it felt like my gut was shot. I had never felt that kind of fear in my life. We went up and locked the door to the bedroom.

My mom handed Cole the phone and told him to dial 911. He did so as told to.

My mom went into the strongbox and pulled out a handgun at the time I couldn’t identify it. So after I hear the sliding glass door downstairs shatter as General started to bark and growl.

I hear a gun shoot from the shot gun but, then I hear the scream of my dad. With all the adrenaline that was currently built up inside of me I ran out the door went to my room where my combat knife was as I quickly but quitly went down stairs.

I glance around the corner to see a man in all black holding a crowbar hovering over my dad as he holds his leg. I thought that the man must have broken my dad’s leg.

Staying covered for the most part I watched as the man turned from my dad and looked at General who he must have hit hard because General was on the ground. I see the man raise his crowbar getting ready to hit General again but, before he could I did something that I would regret. I ran out at the man screaming bloody murder at him and before he could fully turn around I thrust my knife into his side.

He let out the most blood curtling scream I’ve ever heard that sent chills down my spine. Somehow around a minute later he recoverd and picks me up as I check on my dad. He held me by the shirt and I saw the most terrifying thing I’ve ever seen.

The man had a smile so wide it reminded me of the joker and it sent me into shock.

I couldn’t move but my mind was racing. The man pulled the knife out of his side and tossed it behind me. The man tightned his grip on me as I try and pull away but he was to strong. I did manage to hit his face with a right jab but that only made him angry.

He said “Where’s Cole, Trevor?” My heart sank and he looked up and said “Upstairs huh. He will make a fine addition to my collection.” I manage to kick his knee as he jerks backwards a few steps but soonly after he slams my arm with the crowbar as I feel it break. I scream in pain as he dropped me to the ground.

I hit my head on the tile below and the wind gets knocked out of me. I think to my self and say in my mind “This is it. This is when you die”

And then I started thinking about Maggie thinking that I’ll never be able to say goodbye. The man pins me to the ground with my combat knife now in hand as he raises it and thrusts it into my left shoulder. I scream even louder than before as it penetrated my skin and flesh.

The man pulled the knife out and then aimed at my forehead but before he could finish me I see my dad behind the man pick up the crowbar as he slammed it over the mans head knocking him out.

My dad called my mom and Cole down as my mom and dad help me get up as Cole helped General. The cops finally showed up and arrested the man still unconscious.

The next thing I remember is when I was in the hospital. My mom saying that I passed out just as the cops arrived my shoulder had all ready been stitched up and my broken arm had a cast around it. Soon after we moved away from California up to Idaho.

I am 21 now and I still have nightmares about that night and I still somethings look out my window and see the man and his Joker like smile on his face.

Just remember to always be safe while on social media sights because you never know what creeps, murderes, or pedophiles may be out there. Thank you for your time and have a nice day.

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