The house in the forest

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This is a true story that I am going to tell you. It was the summer of 2016 in North, me and my cousin (who will remain unnamed due to privacy) were hanging out at his place bored out of our minds. So we had the idea of exploring some of the trails that go deep into the forest, we had permission to go into those woods by the old man who owned all the property. He had recently bought the land a few years prior. He made a statement saying that alot of the trails down there are unexplored, he told us to remain cautious because the property spans out for miles. So we both grab our four wheelers and head to the trails.

We’re driving through these trails, creepy as hell as would any forest would be. We make notes of every turn and certain key details to help us avoid getting lost in the dense forest. After 30 minutes if driving down the paths we come across a somewhat clear patch in the forest but what we saw shocked us the most.

What we saw was an old, abandoned 2 story house. The path had large ditches completely filled with water on each side. Me being the dumbass I am let my curiosity get the best of me, persuaded my cousin to go explore the abandoned house. We park the four wheelers facing the path we had entered from. Walking up to the house made me feel, strange. I felt like I was being watched by some unseen presence.

After entering the house it was completely empty, carpet ripped out, wires hanging out of the sockets all that stuff. We decide to look around just for the fun of it. Nothing of interest was in the first floor, so we decided to go explore the upstairs section of the house. Walking up the stairs they started to creak which made the situation kinda creepy, but we kept going up.

Upon stepping on the floor, I saw one of the bedroom doors were open. Walking into the room we saw through the window , a somewhat large pond in the backyard. Examining the pond I noticed what I thought to be someone or something rising out of the pond, I shrugged it off as me seeing things. Then I could clearly see I’m seeing some humanoid figure standing in the middle of the pond. Covered in moss, twigs , muck. This thing seemed to be staring blankly at the lower portion of the house until it looked up at me.

Piercing, yellow eyes. Like they were gazing into my soul. My cousin asks what I’m looking at and the expression on his face, never have I seen him have such a scared expression. We decide it’s best we leave as soon as we can.

Then we heard the back door open. We sprinted out of the house and jumped on our four wheelers. Driving off I decided to look back and we saw that thing, looking down at us from the upper left room.

To this day we don’t know what we saw. Never again will we go into those woods again.

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