The Headless Man

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Hello my name is James. I’m now 15 and I’m what people might think as an avid Hunter and just a crazy gun nut. A few years ago I was staying over my brother’s he’s always been older than me i was about 10 and he was in his mid 20s. I stayed at his house and was just me and him I love the mountains of Tennessee and I’ve always had some problem with how his house was laid out it was about a 150yards out in all directions. I remember after school one day it was the weekend and being as I was fairly young about 10 my father had dropped me off there to spend the weekend with him I remember I was like sleep on the couch cuz I liked his TV out there, big flat screen ,I sat there and I will wait I would always stay up late on my phone or something until I heard tapping at the window it was pitch black but a full moon outside I looked out and I didn’t see nobody I went back and laid back down then I looked up again cuz I felt like I was being watched and just a glimmer of the outline of a person I could see that a man was far about 50 yards away and I could make out his shoulders and his legs but I couldn’t see his head and I figured okay it’s just some crazy man as usual or something like that you see because if your imagination. so I went back to lay down and then about 2 hours later I looked at the door and it was one of those doors has windows at the top of it I looked and seen that the body of the person was still there he was standing there without a head and just sat there and in my horror as just the outline is all I can see so I just sat ans stared for it would seem like hours but only a couple minutes have gone by I heard the lights flicker and I turned on the TV again my brother walked in the living room and I said and I told him look outside look outside there’s someone there. he looked out the door window there was no one there but being as cautious as he is we checked all the windows and checked all the doors and a few months after that he sold the house there had been a lot of just creepy things around that neighborhood I don’t know what if I seen was just my dumb imagination or if it was just me being me but all I know is what I seen was real and I hope to God I never see it again.


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